7 Captivating Scientist Movies to Watch Beyond Oppenheimer

7 Movies Starring Scientists You Can Watch Beside Oppenheimer

Nolan’s new project is just around the corner and to pay a kind of tribute we have decided to select 7 films starring scientists that will prepare you for Oppenheimer’s premiere.

Oppenheimer will be added to the list of movies starring scientists, being Christopher Nolan’s new project . Step into the world of physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and witness his work during the development of the atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project. One of the highly anticipated films of 2023.

On July 21, 2023, Oppenheimer was released in theaters by Nolan and Barbie by Greta Gerwig . Yes, both films will compete face to face for box office success. You can watch both films these two powerful movies at the cinema.

One movie stars Cillian Murphy, known for his role in “Peaky Blinders,” portraying a scientist, while on the other side, Margot Robbie takes on the live-action role of the world’s most famous doll. . We still don’t know what the best movie will be, but Barbie has also been a scientist .

Putting the rivalry aside, July could be a month of cinema triumph, drawing enthusiastic viewers to the big screen. This delightful twist demonstrates that even Barbie can don the lab coat and delve into the fascinating realm of science.
Whether your heart yearns to ignite the passion for scientific wonders or simply savor the finest entertainment, we proudly present 7 diverse and remarkable movie recommendations that guarantee an unparalleled cinematic experience.

1. A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind

Image credit: fullerstudio.fuller.edu

A Beautiful Mind is a drama film based on the life of John Nash, an American mathematician who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994. In 2002, “A Beautiful Mind,” directed by Ron Howard and starring Russell Crowe, emerged as a massive box office success and received acclaim from critics .

The film takes us through Nash’s life from his student days at Princeton University to his struggle with schizophrenia , a mental illness that caused him to lose touch with reality. Crowe plays Nash brilliantly, capturing both his mathematical genius and his struggle with mental illness.

It features an excellent performance from Jennifer Connelly, who plays Nash’s wife and is a key figure in his fight against the disease. This touching and enthralling film delves into the life of an extraordinary man and his battle with mental illness. A powerful reminder of the significance of mental health and the importance of support and understanding for those facing such challenges. Recommended to spend a most exciting afternoon surrounded by science.

  • Title: A Beautiful Mind
  • Release date: 2002
  • Duration: 135 minutes
  • Platform: Prime Video

2.  The fly

Original The Fly Movie Poster - David Cronenberg - Jeff Goldblum

Image credit: vintagemovieposters.co.uk

David Cronenberg is renowned for his blend of madness, science, and abundant fiction. In this 80s classic, a young Jeff Goldblum portrays a scientist working on a teleportation project that takes an unforeseen and utterly mind-bending turn. Brace yourself for a pure science fiction premise and an absolutely insane plot development.

Seth Brundle, played by Jeff Goldblum, is a scientist who, in the absence of having a guinea pig to carry out the experiment, decides to use himself to see if his advances in teleportation work . After the successful test, he rejoices in his achievement, but appearances can be deceiving.

In the following days, his body undergoes monstrous changes, stripping away his humanity. Jeff Goldblum delivers a stellar performance, complemented by a stunning artistic direction. Disgusting makeup and special effects accompany the protagonist throughout a tragic film like The Fly .

This film has achieved cult status and earned its title through sheer merit. Cronenberg is a master of the genre and The Fly one of his best films from him, it may not be for all stomachs or it may stray from films starring real scientists. But sometimes reality needs a flashy and disastrous push.

  • Title: The Fly
  • Release date: 1986 – 1989
  • Duration: 95 minutes
  • Platform: Disney+

3. The Theory of Everything

The Tale of The Theory of Everything

Image credit: withlovemoni.com

“The Theory of Everything” is a biographical film helmed by James Marsh, featuring the talents of Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. The tape narrates the life of Stephen Hawking, one of the most important scientists of the 20th century, and his relationship with his wife, Jane De él.

Written by Anthony McCarten, the screenplay is adapted from Jane Hawking’s memoir and centers on Stephen Hawking’s personal life and scientific endeavors. The film is a mixture of romance, drama and science that manages to move the viewer.

Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of Stephen Hawking is remarkable, capturing not just his physicality but also his personality and voice. Felicity Jones shines as Jane Hawking, portraying her strength and love for her husband.

“The Theory of Everything” garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the Best Actor Oscar for Redmayne. This moving film serves as a powerful reminder of love’s strength and determination in the face of adversity.

  • Title: The theory of everything
  • Release date: 2014
  • Duration: 160 minutes
  • Platform: Prime Video

4. Solaris

Digital Catalogue — Films stills from Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris,...

Andrei Tarkovsky is a highly renowned director, often associated with film enthusiasts donning berets in film libraries. The Soviet filmmaker has crafted masterpieces like Solaris, The Mirror, and Stalker. In particular, Solaris intrigues us as we immerse ourselves in the journey of a scientific psychologist sent to a distant planet’s space station.

Our protagonist, Kris Kelvin, embarks on a mission to investigate the space station orbiting the enigmatic planet, Solaris.This space station is falling prey to a series of strange events that have constantly affected all the crew members to the point that one of them commits suicide.

Kris Kelvin will witness, experience and discover everything that is happening on the space station . Of course, the answers that she will find will not be to her liking. Solaris, the enigmatic planet covered in water, remains a mystery to humanity, and seeking answers has strained our relationship with it.

Tarkovsky’s Solaris is a profound exploration of the human psyche, delving into life’s meaning. His signature soft rhythm envelops the film in an almost dreamlike ambiance. It’s a critically acclaimed movie, and while it looks overly intense, the experience it offers is worth living.

  • Title: Solaris
  • Release date: 1972
  • Duration: 167 minutes
  • Platform: Filmin

5. Ad Astra

Ad Astra 2019 - Original Movie Poster

Image credit: artofthemovies.co.uk

Space travel is a common theme in science movies, with Interstellar being a well-known example. However, we believe Ad Astra truly encapsulates space travel, universe exploration, and the metaphysical aspects.

Ad Astra stands as one of the finest space travel movies in recent years. Brad Pitt portrays scientist and astronaut Roy McBride, embarking on a mission to uncover the source of mysterious energy pulses threatening the solar system.

Despite its seemingly simple nature, this mission will test Roy McBride both physically and emotionally. Space is a place where loneliness shines with its own light, the meaning of everything and, above all, the lives that surround us are several of the topics that are addressed throughout this film.

Brad Pitt gives a masterful performance, offering a character that unfolds throughout the film in two parallel lines. Ad Astra revamps space travel, adding depth lost in typical portrayals, creating an emotionally charged journey akin to a myth.

  • Title: As Astra
  • Release date: 2019
  • Duration: 117 minutes
  • Platform: HBO Max

6. Don’t Look Up

Don't Look Up (2021) - A Reflection - Steven H. WilsonSteven H. Wilson

Don’t Look Up elicits polarizing opinions; love it or hate it, there’s no middle ground. The film satirizes modern society, politics, and the treatment of scientists, leading to diverse and conflicting interpretations.

The story centers on two amateur astronomers who detect a comet hurtling towards Earth, prompting the scientific community and government authorities to take urgent action. The film addresses very relevant current issues, such as climate change and social inequality , through a satire that does not leave a puppet with a head.

The film’s cast is undeniably a strong point. DiCaprio and Lawrence’s chemistry conveys their characters’ desperation and urgency facing impending catastrophe. Meryl Streep’s portrayal as a disconnected U.S. president is fantastic.

“Don’t Look Up” serves as both entertainment and a wake-up call about societal issues. It emphasizes that time is running out, urging drastic measures to avert a dark and bleak future. Truly a movie worth watching.

  • Title: Don’t Look Up
  • Release date: 2021
  • Duration: 138 minutes
  • Platform: Netflix

7. The Thing

BONUS: The Thing (1982) - A Movie Review - Somewhere in the Skies | Acast

Image credit: Amazon

John Carpenter is a cinema legend, and “The Thing” stands as one of his most renowned films. This horror classic immerses us in the lives of scientists at an Antarctic research station, expertly crafted to meet your expectations.

This film with a claustrophobic atmosphere has inspired a huge number of current audiovisual products such as the game Among Us . In the film, we follow scientists uncovering the deadly creature responsible for their demise, leading to mistrust that strains their relationships.

“The Thing” has become a cultural icon, endlessly referenced due to its adaptable theme. John Carpenter does an excellent job as a director, and even if you know what’s going to happen, you probably don’t know how it will reveal who or what the space creature that threatens them is.

  • Title: The Thing
  • Release date: 1982
  • Duration: 104 minutes
  • Platform: Filmin

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