FIFA 23: Cheap Strikers To Buy In Ultimate Team

Prices are already coming down in FIFA 23 meaning players can pick up plenty of world-class superstars for only a few thousand coins today.

Like in real life, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team strikers are the most expensive players to buy. Goalscorers are hard to come by hence the FIFA 23 price tag that comes with them. In FIFA 23 having good strikers in an Ultimate Team is vital to have any chance in the ultra-competitive online environment. However, obtaining the very best players in FIFA 23 can get expensive quickly, so cheap strikers that can still do a job are a great alternative for players looking to improve their starting squads.

Prices are already coming down in FIFA 23 meaning players can pick up plenty of world-class players for only a few thousand FIFA 23 coins. These can be earned from playing just a few games meaning there is no excuse not to have star players up-front. Many of these stars have improved cards from promotions, but the base versions can still do a great job for players early in FIFA 23.

Since Ultimate Team was introduced to the FIFA series there have always been attacking players who due to having high stats in key categories such as pace become incredibly popular and Meta, including the fastest players in FIFA 23. One such player in recent years is Inaki Williams with his blistering speed. Now at Athletic Club, he has 94 paces, the joint third-highest of any player in the game. Williams can be picked up for under £1,000 FIFA 23 coins should be included by any players building a starting squad based in La Liga.

FIFA 23 Premier League Stars To Pick Up In Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The Premier League is blessed with a host of talented strikers, but two stand out as cheap alternatives to the expensive Erling Haaland, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Mohamed Salah. A tremendous all-around option is Tottenham’s Richarlison who has stats allowing him to perform any of the new skill moves in EA sports FIFA 23. While the Brazilian’s pace is slightly lower than the fastest players in the game, the Spurs man is a great starter card with additional high dribbling skills and the crucial five-star weak foot FIFA 23 rating increasing the chance of finding the back of the net with either foot. Liverpool’s new man Darwin Nunez might not have hit full stride at Anfield but is firing on the virtual pitch. Appearing in a huge number of teams online across the opening weeks Nunez’s high pace, physical, and shooting stats combine to make a great all-round striker.

While many players favor Premier League-based squads there are a lot of great alternatives which are often cheaper. With the new chemistry system for FIFA 23, a lot of players are currently opting for squads based around the German Bundesliga with great options up-front. A lesser-known cheap option is the 75 overall-rated Karim Adeyemi from Dortmund. Stepping into the shoes of Haaland isn’t easy but like Williams, he is one of the fastest players in the game. Williams can be paired alongside another cheap alternative in Timo Werner who has returned to the German top flight after a rather unsuccessful time in London with Chelsea. Werner is known for his speed, but also maintains good finishing stats.

Taking out the very best strikers in FIFA 23 most of the top goalscorers have come down to an affordable FIFA 23 price in Ultimate Team. Selecting the best options who work well in the mode is vital and strikers with pace to burn are the best bet for teams just starting. Regardless of how teams are put together, there are lots of great options for cheap strikers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.



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