Fortnite Boosts Legendary Tool Durability Following Patch to Address Convenient ‘Chest Repair Glitch’

Durability for tools has been increased by 30%.

Epic Games discreetly resolved a glitch in Fortnite on Tuesday, an adjustment that some players claimed rendered the survival game “unplayable” due to issues with tool and weapon durability. Responding to player complaints a day later, Epic implemented a much-needed buff.

In Fortnite, tools such as pickaxes and swords undergo wear and tear with usage during resource farming or battles against enemies. While players can typically re-craft these items at their base, a more convenient workaround for durability emerged. By storing several worn tools in a compact chest, breaking the chest, and subsequently reclaiming the tools, players could restore them to full durability. Smashing a small chest proved to be a minor cost, requiring just six planks—a straightforward recipe in Fortnite.

Epic addressed the chest-repair glitch in a patch but failed to provide players with an official solution for repairing their tools. Players are expressing frustration over the bug fix, concerned about the prospect of having to carry multiple copies of tools that will consume valuable inventory slots. This absence of tool repair poses a significant issue for certain extended supply runs or subterranean explorations in Fortnite, according to some players.

Responses to the fix for the chest glitch have been diverse. Some players lament that Fortnite is now deemed “almost unplayable” or excessively grind-heavy. On the contrary, others assert the necessity of fixing glitches first, suggesting that adjustments to the game’s economy can follow later. Certain players have put forth potential remedies, such as portable repair kits or fast-travel options to streamline the return to base and reduce time consumption.

Embracing Early Challenges in Lego Fortnite: A Growing Adventure

Lego Fortnite, in its early stages, has garnered praise for its expansive launch, yet some emerging challenges are becoming apparent. Epic Games assures players that their current experiences in Lego Fortnite mark only the initial phase of the adventure, with ongoing promises of updates.

Update (Dec. 14): Epic responded to player feedback with a swift update to Lego Fortnite, enhancing the durability of all tools and weapons. The official statement on the Lego Fortnite status X account reads, “Builders – we’ve heard your feedback and have buffed the max durability of all tools and weapons by +30%! Please note, items you’ve already crafted may appear more damaged, since we increased the max durability they have. Newly crafted items will have the new, higher max!”



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