Great News! GTA 6 Might Be Out Soon

  • Take-Two hinted at a release date for GTA 6 in a statement
  • We’ll see it sooner than originally expected
  • The game will be set in Vice City, among other places

If you’re anxiously awaiting the official announcement and trailer for GTA 6, we have good news for you. Take-Two, the company that includes Rockstar Games, the studio behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, has announced its financial results. It also shared its roadmap for the coming years, which promises to release groundbreaking titles that will benchmark the upcoming gaming scene.

We’ve known that GTA 6 was in development since 2021, and then a year later, a leak that is unprecedented has surfaced on the internet, as a bunch of essential information about the game and even some gameplay footage has been leaked. According to Rockstar, these are several years old, but the company has confirmed their authenticity. The game will take place in Vice City with two main characters – Jason and Lucia, among others.

In the introduction, we talked about the breakthrough title, which will almost certainly be GTA 6 and is due out in fiscal year 2025, which is sometime between April 2024 and May 2025: “We believe that in fiscal year 2025 we will enter the next phase of growth, where we plan to release several revolutionary titles that will set new standards in quality. We expect to achieve Net Bookings in excess of $8 billion and Adjusted Unrestricted Operating Cash Flow in excess of $1 billion,” the company said in a statement. So we’ll see the game sooner than originally expected, theoretically as early as next year, and the announcement will logically come even sooner. Could it be this year?

How excited are you for the new GTA 6?


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