GTA 6 Map Leaks & Vice City Location: Setting of GTA 6

If you’re acquainted with Rockstar’s previous games, you’re aware that the GTA 6 map will be expansively large, visually stunning, incredibly dense, and teeming with places to explore. Queries concerning the GTA 6 map and its location are undeniably among the most frequently asked.

The primary GTA 6 location is a contemporary portrayal of Vice City, a fictionalized iteration of Miami. Grand Theft Auto VI unfolds in the state of Leonida (Florida), encompassing the neon-soaked streets of Vice City and beyond.

On this page, you’ll discover comprehensive details about the GTA 6 map and its locations, featuring various map interpretations derived from the initial official trailer and leaked footage.

Where Will GTA 6 Be Set?

GTA 6 Map: Vice City Locations and Setting

GTA 6 is officially confirmed to be set in Vice City (Miami) and the state of Leonida (Florida), boasting an expansive and highly detailed map.

Key Details:

  • The game unfolds in the modern day, following the events of GTA V.
  • The map is nearly double the size of the GTA V map.
  • Rumors suggest the inclusion of three major cities, along with four sub-cities and smaller surrounding locations. A large lake named
  • Lake Leonida is situated in the middle of the map.
  • Accurate representation of many Miami landmarks, akin to GTA V’s portrayal of Los Angeles.
  • Notable features include a large tennis court, a football stadium, and a substantial amphitheater.
  • The presence of an airport and a functional tram system, with the tram accessible by walking into it at the airport.
  • Inclusion of the GTA equivalent of the Florida Keys.
  • A swampy area named Grassrivers resembles the Everglades.
  • Port Gellhorn, indicated on Police Cars, hints at a sufficiently large world with multiple police departments.
  • Diverse wildlife is showcased on an in-game chart, including alligators, boars, dogs, snakes, raccoons, birds, frogs, bobcats, and rodents. Symbols for plants and toxic waste are also present.
  • Indoor locations and enterable interiors encompass nightclubs/strip clubs, motels/hotels, restaurants, pawn shops, supermarkets,
  • fast-food outlets, gun stores, and the Vice City Metro Station. Functional elevators are referenced.
  • The leaked footage reveals the apartments of the two protagonists.
  • A hotel named “Kington Hotel” features a pool party with live music.

GTA 6 Location Names

Here is a compiled list of confirmed GTA 6 map locations identified in leaked footage and Trailer 1, all part of the in-game state of Leonida:

Known Counties:

  • Kelly County
  • Leonard County
  • Vice-Dale County

Known Cities:

  • Vice City (east side of the map)
  • Port Gellhorn (west side of the map)

Other Confirmed Locations:

  • Grass Rivers (south of the map)
  • The Keys (south of the map)
  • Lake Leonida
  • Ekanfinaka
  • Hamlet
  • Leaf Links
  • Little Haiti
  • Malibu Club
  • Monument Of Leonida
  • North Beaches
  • Ocean Beach
  • Ocean Drive
  • Red Hill Forest
  • Rockridge
  • South Beach
  • Stockyard
  • Venetian Islands
  • Vice Beach
  • Vice City International Airport
  • Vice City Port
  • Washington Beach
  • Yorktown

GTA 6 Map Concepts Derived from Footage Analysis

Several GTA 6 Map Concepts Based on Leaked Footage and Official Trailer Analysis

The GTA 6 mapping community has generated various map renditions by analyzing leaked footage from 2022 and the first official trailer. Collaboratively utilizing evidence from landmarks, in-game coordinates, observed locations, road signs, and more, fans have estimated the GTA 6 map.

This community effort is reminiscent of the GTA V mapping project initiated by GTAForums users around a decade ago. It involved scrutinizing screenshots and trailers to reconstruct the map of Los Santos.

The maps below closely represent the potential final GTA 6 map, featuring Vice City on the east side, the Grassrivers, and numerous other towns and locations. Click on the images to view them in higher resolution.

GTA 6 Leaked Map Rendition by Mapping Community

The map below is a GTA 6 rendition crafted by the GTA Mapping community Discord. It showcases all the discovered location names.

GTA 6 Leaked Map Rendition by Mapping Community
Image via GTA Mapping community Discord.

GTA 6 Map Leak vs GTA 5 Map Size Comparison

Below, we have a map comparison showcasing the leaked GTA 6 map and the GTA V map, crafted by Reddit user StikyLizardStudiosYT:

GTA 6 Map Leak vs GTA 5 Map Size Comparison
Image via Reddit user StikyLizardStudiosYT


The GTA 6 map appears to be approximately 70% larger than its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto V, as illustrated in the comparison above!

Will GTA 6 Introduce Additional Cities in Updates?

Originally Code-Named Project Americas, GTA 6’s Ambitious Map Plan to Span North and South America Scaled Back Due to Changes in Rockstar’s Work Culture Approach.

The Game Now Centers on Vice City, Featuring More Interiors Than Ever. Post-release, Rockstar Aims to Expand GTA 6’s World Continuously, Introducing New Missions and Cities Over Time.

A revisit to Vice City appears to be the probable setting for GTA VI.

Certainly, revisiting the iconic Vice City, inspired by Miami, holds broad appeal, especially with the advancements in technology that can enhance its portrayal. The information on GTA 6’s map and setting varies.

On one side, rumors suggest a modernized rendition, while discussions also hinted at a 70s and 80s setting. According to gaming insider Tom Henderson, GTA VI is anticipated to feature a contemporary Vice City, incorporating modern elements like cryptocurrency.

This choice aligns with the evolution of GTA Online, where a historical era might undermine the essence that has contributed to GTA Online’s success.

Exploring Alternatives: Consideration of South America and a Blend of GTA Cities

While Vice City has been confirmed as the primary setting for GTA 6, there have been discussions and speculations about potential additional locations.

Some rumors suggested the inclusion of South America, creating a diverse mix of GTA cities within the game. It’s important to note that these are speculative discussions, and the main emphasis remains on Vice City as the central and extensively developed setting for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto installment.

Now, the excitement is reaching a new level. While the prospect of an overhauled Vice City alone could drive players wild, Rockstar seems poised to deliver even more.

In addition to the speculations surrounding Vice City, there’s intriguing information suggesting the inclusion of a second GTA 6 city located in South America – specifically, a city inspired by Rio de Janeiro.

During an interview, Rockstar expressed their desire to eventually create a GTA game featuring all the iconic past locations in one comprehensive experience (Liberty City, Los Santos, Vice City, etc.). This tantalizing prospect is something fans can eagerly anticipate in the future.

GTA 6 Leaked Map: An Earlier Unofficial Reveal

Numerous purported GTA 6 leaked map materials and potential clues have surfaced online. In 2021, a notable leak emerged in the form of a leaked 15-second video.

This video showcases a relatively comprehensive map, revealing numerous locations and activities, primarily centered around Vice City and the state of Florida—the main setting for GTA 6.

Considered one of the more credible leaks to date, its validity is supported by its alignment with information previously shared on 4Chan. The leak includes the names of specific locations, coinciding with details mentioned in the video.

Our appreciation goes to Reddit user u/ColonelPuffin for crafting a higher-quality recreation based on the content observed in the GTA 6 leaked map video:

Following the posting of this image, u/StikyLizardStudiosYT took the initiative to overlay the GTA 5 map onto the newly leaked one, facilitating a direct comparison between the GTA 6 Map and GTA 5.

The connection of these leaks to GTA 6 Vice City gains further support beyond the mentioned clues. Numerous cities and locations on the new GTA 6 map seem to be inspired by various Florida locales. For instance, Vice Gardens on the eastern side, Tortona Beach up north, and Quincy World likely represent in-game equivalents to Miami Gardens, Daytona Beach, and Disney World (Fred Quincy serving as the GTA counterpart to Walt Disney).

The playful location names align with Rockstar’s tradition of recreating real-world places in a tongue-in-cheek manner (e.g., Los Santos/Los Angeles, Las Venturas/Las Vegas, Liberty City/New York).

Regarding GTA VI activities, the leak hints at potential features such as restaurants, plastic surgeons, gyms, smoke shops, bowling alleys, basketball courts, and more. The inclusion of gyms suggests the return of a muscle/fat factor akin to GTA San Andreas.

However, it’s essential to approach this information cautiously, considering the possibility of it being an intricately crafted fan leak. Some fans express skepticism, labeling it a potential GTA V mod and noting the shaky camera motion in the video, suggesting a potential attempt to create a sense of authenticity.

GTA VI Map Concepts: Uniting All Locations in a Single Game?

While there is currently no substantial evidence supporting Rockstar’s adoption of the approach to include all previous GTA cities in the upcoming GTA VI map, the idea has sparked considerable enthusiasm among fans.

Enthusiasts have taken the initiative to craft custom maps that seamlessly integrate iconic locations from Liberty City, Los Santos, Vice City, Las Venturas, and San Fierro into a cohesive and expansive world.

The fan-made GTA 6 map showcased below envisions a dream scenario where players can navigate through an interconnected universe featuring familiar cities from the Grand Theft Auto series.

Although this vision remains speculative, it is noteworthy that Rockstar has previously expressed interest in incorporating all previous cities into a single GTA game, leaving room for the possibility in the future.

Could GTA VI Feature an Evolving Map Similar to Fortnite?

What is confirmed is that Rockstar Games has changed its development practices and game launch strategy.

To mitigate issues like crunch crises, last-minute modifications, employee overwork, burnout, and more, Rockstar has shifted its approach. Instead of a massive first-day launch with an extensive map, the company is now adopting a post-launch-oriented method.

This indicates that the initial release might be more compact, with subsequent expansions introducing additional locations and events over time.

This adjustment stems in part from Rockstar’s focus on the well-being of its employees, and it also holds strategic value.

Firstly, the shift in development culture has garnered positive responses from employees. Some team members, who experienced crunch periods with earlier games, embraced this change and opted to continue their work with Rockstar.

Another advantageous aspect of this change is that it allows Rockstar to carefully plan its content. Without the pressure to complete an entire game by a specific deadline, the focus can be on refining individual expansions and locations long after the initial release.

Henderson draws parallels to the approach seen in games like Fortnite, where significant map changes occur during seasonal updates, such as a giant meteor crashing into the island. Seasonal changes have been known to bring about map overhauls.

For certain readers, the shift in development might raise concerns. If this seasonal update model, akin to Fortnite or Warzone, becomes a reality, it could imply the implementation of systems like the Battle Pass in Grand Theft Auto 6 – and how players would react to such features remains a significant question.

Yet, at this juncture, speculation remains the only option.


The anticipation surrounding GTA 6 has been fueled by leaks, official announcements, and the vibrant imaginations of fans. From the return to Vice City to the introduction of new characters like Lucia, every tidbit of information has contributed to the excitement. The evolution of the game’s map, potential expansions, and the dream of featuring all previous GTA cities in one game add layers of speculation. While some details remain uncertain, the prospect of exploring a meticulously crafted and evolving world has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. As Rockstar Games continues to shape the highly-anticipated GTA 6, the gaming community eagerly awaits the next revelation in this immersive journey.



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