Conquer the Creepy Crawlies: A Comprehensive Guide to Completing the Lost Ark Pest Control Quest and Claiming Your Rewards!

To accrue rewards in Lost Ark, one may render assistance to Blackfang in her endeavor to cleanse her island and combat swarms of adversaries in the Pest Control quest.

Una’s Tasks is a daily endgame content quest in Lost Ark that becomes available once you reach the Level 50 cap and satisfy the specific Item Level requirements. One such task is the Lost Ark Pest Control quest, which requires the player to aid a pirate captain in a mission to eliminate the pests that infest her island and repel her enemies.

The Pest Control task, along with its associated Roster Quests, takes place in Blackfang’s Den, a location situated to the north of Freedom Isle in the Tempest Seas. The island is overrun with creatures that pose a threat to the captain’s livelihood, and it is up to the player to assist in combating them.

To successfully complete the Lost Ark Pest Control quest, players must clear several objectives, which involve destroying designated enemies, collecting specific items, and assisting the pirate captain in cleaning up the island. The task is a challenging one, but the rewards that await the player upon completion are well worth the effort.

Rewards for completing the Lost Ark Pest Control quest include gold, experience points, and valuable items such as equipment, materials, and crafting recipes. These rewards can be useful for further enhancing the player’s character and increasing their power level in the game.

The Pest Control task in Una’s Tasks daily quest is a thrilling and challenging experience that offers numerous rewards to players who are up to the challenge. With the detailed instructions provided in this guide, players can successfully complete the task and reap the benefits of their efforts in Lost Ark.

Objectives and How to Complete the Lost Ark Pest Control Quest

To access the Lost Ark Pest Control quest, players must first complete several Roster quests. One of the first Roster quests available is “Blackfang’s House,” which requires players to tidy up the home belonging to Blackfang, the pirate captain. The subsequent quest, “Catch the Rats,” tasks players with capturing 12 Shore Rats that are infesting the island. Once these two side quests are completed, the Una’s Task daily quest, Pest Control, will become available for players to accept.

Accepting the Quest

To accept the Pest Control quest, players need to navigate to the Adventure icon at the bottom right of their screen and click it. This action will bring up a pop-up menu with Una’s Tasks option. Players can also use the Alt+J keyboard shortcut to access Una’s Tasks menu immediately. Within Una’s Tasks menu, players should click on the Daily tab to find all available Una’s Tasks Daily Quests, including the Pest Control quest.

Quest Objectives

The Pest Control quest is divided into two sub-quests, “Everyone, Charrrge!” and “Watch Out! Pirates!” Players must complete both sub-quests to finish the Pest Control quest. The first objective requires players to defeat the Red Shark Pirates and Captain or Lieutenant Lorka near Blackfang’s Den. Both sub-quests will become active after 15 minutes, during which players can collect Mokoko Seeds on the island.

Completing the Quest

Two groups of enemies will spawn somewhere on the island that players need to defeat before attempting to get to Blackfang. Once both groups are defeated, players can locate Ruri inside Blackfang’s home to collect their Una’s Task rewards.


Rewards for completing the Pest Control quest include gold, experience points, and valuable items such as equipment, materials, and crafting recipes. These rewards can be used to enhance a player’s character and increase their power level in the game.

Rewards for Completing the Pest Control Lost Ark Quest

Completing the Pest Control Una’s Task Daily Quest in Lost Ark can provide players with several rewards. In addition to gaining Reputation Points and Harmony Leapstones, players can receive other rewards upon completing both sub-quests.

Reputation Points are a crucial part of the game, which are earned by completing daily quests and weeklies. These points increase your overall Reputation Level and unlock more benefits for your character, such as access to rare gear and mounts.

Harmony Leapstones, on the other hand, are useful for traveling to different locations throughout the game world quickly. By activating these stones, players can teleport to other areas they have already visited.

In addition to these rewards, completing the Pest Control quest can also provide players with rare equipment, gold, and items that can be used to enhance gear. These rewards can help players strengthen their character and prepare for more challenging content in the game.


Lost Ark’s Pest Control quest is a fun and rewarding activity that players can complete as part of the endgame content. By following the quest objectives and completing both sub-quests, players can earn valuable rewards such as Reputation Points and Harmony Leapstones, as well as rare equipment and items. With many other Una’s Tasks quests and endgame activities available, players can continue to enjoy the game and progress their character beyond the Level 50 cap.

Don’t miss out on the rewards of Lost Ark’s Pest Control quest. Complete it today and strengthen your character for endgame content!


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