Transform Your Classroom: Learn How to Get and Deploy Minecraft Education Today

Unlock a World of Creative and Inclusive Learning with Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education has revolutionized the classroom experience by offering a game-based platform that inspires creative and inclusive learning through play. With its blocky worlds and endless possibilities, Minecraft Education unlocks new and exciting ways to approach any subject or challenge.

Designed to engage students of all learning styles, Minecraft Education offers standardized curricula and immersive lessons in reading, math, history, and coding. Whether you want to explore the depths of a subject or collaborate with peers in creative open worlds, Minecraft Education offers hundreds of ready-to-teach lessons, creative challenges, and blank canvas worlds that can be tailored to your student’s needs. The best part? No prior gaming experience is necessary.

Minecraft Education is more than just a game – it prepares students for the future by cultivating essential skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, digital citizenship, and critical thinking. By incorporating STEM-based lessons and challenges, Minecraft Education sparks a passion for learning and exploration that extends beyond the classroom.

With immersive content created in partnership with esteemed organizations such as BBC Earth, NASA, and the Nobel Peace Center, Minecraft Education offers culturally relevant lessons and builds challenges that inspire students to engage in real-world topics. From exploring the depths of the ocean to building a sustainable city, Minecraft Education’s game-based learning approach unlocks creativity and deep learning that students will carry with them for years to come.

Incorporating Minecraft Education into your curriculum is easy and accessible, with a wealth of resources available to support teachers and students alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock a world of creative and inclusive learning with Minecraft Education.

Exploring the Key Features of Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education has garnered attention for its innovative and game-based approach to education. One of its most impressive features is its multiplayer mode, which enables students to collaborate in-game across platforms, devices, and hybrid environments. This feature makes Minecraft Education an ideal tool for both remote and in-person learning, allowing students to work together on projects and assignments from any location.

Another key feature of Minecraft Education is its Code Builder, which supports block-based coding, JavaScript, and Python with an intuitive interface and in-game execution. This feature allows students to learn coding concepts while also engaging with the game world. By using the Code Builder, students can develop computational thinking skills that are critical in today’s digital age.

Minecraft Education also offers an Immersive Reader feature that helps players read and translate text within the game. This feature is particularly useful for students who are struggling with literacy or for those who are learning English as a second language. By enabling players to read and understand in-game text, Minecraft Education promotes accessibility and inclusivity in the classroom.

The Camera and Book & Quill items are additional features that allow for documentation and export of in-game creations. This feature encourages students to reflect on their learning and share their work with others, further promoting collaboration and creativity.

Lastly, Minecraft Education integrates with Microsoft Teams and Flipgrid to support assessment and teacher controls. These features enable teachers to monitor and assess student progress, assign tasks, and provide feedback within the game world. This integration creates a seamless experience for both students and teachers and streamlines the assessment process.

Trying or Purchasing Minecraft Education

Users in a Microsoft-verified academic organization with Microsoft 365 accounts have access to a free trial for Minecraft Education. Faculty accounts receive 25 free logins, while student accounts receive 10 free logins before a paid license is required to continue playing. Non-Microsoft-verified academic organizations have access to 10 free logins.

Organizations can purchase subscriptions directly through the Microsoft 365 admin center, volume licensing agreements or partner resellers. When signing up for a Minecraft Education trial or purchasing a subscription, licenses are linked to your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant. Users who do not have an Azure AD tenant can set up a free Office 365 Education subscription, which includes an Azure AD tenant (for Microsoft-verified academic organizations). Non-Microsoft-verified academic organizations can set up a free Azure AD tenant when purchasing commercial licenses for Minecraft Education.

Minecraft Education offers a wealth of features that are designed to enhance the classroom experience and promote engagement, collaboration, and creativity. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive lessons, and immersive world-building capabilities, Minecraft Education is an invaluable tool for educators seeking to inspire a passion for learning in their students.

Acquiring Minecraft Education direct licenses involves several straightforward steps. Users must first visit the Minecraft Education website and select the “How to Buy” option located in the top navigation bar. From there, they can proceed to the “Buy Now” button under Direct Purchase.

After clicking the purchase page, users must sign in with an account that has Billing Admin privileges in their organization. In case there is any requested organization or payment information, they need to fill it in. Then, select the number of licenses that align with the organization’s needs and click on “Place Order.”

Once the purchase of licenses is complete, it is necessary to assign them to the intended users. Users who require additional licenses can refer to the “Buy or remove subscription licenses” option.

It is worth noting that direct purchases are available to organizations that prefer purchasing licenses without the need for subscriptions. However, educational organizations have the option of selecting from a range of subscription plans that offer access to Minecraft Education’s comprehensive features. Subscriptions provide long-term access to the game, and users can always renew or update their subscriptions at any time.


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