Next month, there will be fresh content arriving for Lord of the Rings Online: Corsairs of Umbar

Upon its recent launch, Lord of the Rings Online: Corsairs of Umbar faced criticism for its limited content, particularly beyond the main storyline. To address this, Standing Stone Games pledged an extensive update arriving on December 6th, bringing fresh endgame and repeatable content.

This update will introduce numerous quests and missions spanning the entire region. “These missions will grant Allegiance Tokens for both the Order of the Eagle and the Ledger-keepers, along with Modest Gifts of Ûri to advance your chosen allegiance,” stated the studio. Additionally, the Allegiance tier cap will rise from 10 to 20, and the Combe Forester event will return, aiming to rectify prior issues.

Looking ahead, players can anticipate Corsairs of Umbar instances and a raid early in the coming year, accompanied by a further Allegiance tier increase. For those who’ve completed the expansion quests swiftly, new legendary and seasonal rewards await while awaiting next month’s update.


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