Top Path of Exile Builds

Best PoE builds across all PoE classes.

Path of Exile offers a diverse selection of seven classes, each with its unique playstyle. Selecting the right class can be challenging due to the wealth of options available. To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve curated a selection of two top-tier builds for each class in Path of Exile, catering to both novice and seasoned players.

Path of Exile Top Duelist Builds

The Duelist represents a blend of Strength and Dexterity in Path of Exile, capable of donning robust Strength-based armor, boasting high attack speed, and benefiting from evasion through Dexterity.

Cyclone Slayer Build

The class Slayer Ascendancy specializes in close-range combat, particularly with two-handed weapons. Unlike the defensive approach of the Gladiator, the Slayer class focuses solely on dealing with damage. Our recommended Slayer build is centered around Cyclone, leveraging the two-handed weapon proficiency in playstyle of the Slayer class to its maximum potential through the relentless use of the Cyclone skill.

This ability draws in all nearby enemies, inflicting continuous damage for as long as you maintain channeling. Renowned as one of the most efficient mapping skills in the game, it promises an exhilarating gameplay experience if you opt to utilize it.

Ballista Champion – Explosive Arrow Build

As a class Champion Ascendancy, this build provides a balanced mix of offense and defense, ensuring near invincibility in the endgame while maintaining a steady stream of damage. Opt for the Explosive Arrow build paired with the Quill Rain bow, enabling you to stack numerous Explosive Arrows on foes, maximizing your damage potential.

To enhance the effectiveness of Explosive Arrows, consider investing in Ballista Totems, which can unleash arrows alongside you, widening the reach of your damage across the screen.

Top PoE Marauder Builds

The Marauder represents the epitome of pure Strength in Path of Exile. Renowned for its proficiency in wielding heavy Strength-based armor, this class boasts exceptional durability and resilience.

Chieftain – Righteous Fire Build

The Chieftain Ascendancy class stands out in Strength-based builds and is revered as one of the finest classes for harnessing fire damage. Therefore, it’s only fitting to emphasize a fire-oriented build for this class, which is why we’ve chosen the Righteous Fire build for our Chieftain.

This build revolves around one of the classic Path of Exile skills, Righteous Fire. This skill engulfs everything in flames, including yourself (albeit at a slower rate). With the Chieftain’s enhancements to Strength and fire, we believe this class is unmatched in wielding divine fire. Just ensure you fortify your elemental defenses.

Juggernaut Ascendancy – Boneshatter Build

The Juggernaut Ascendancy class is renowned for its mastery of defense, capable of enduring formidable challenges until the very endgame. To complement this resilient approach, we’ve selected the Boneshatter build. While not the swiftest, it offers unwavering durability and boasts infinite scaling potential over time.

Boneshatter inflicts damage both to enemies and yourself, with its damage output escalating the more you utilize it. Moreover, stunning an enemy triggers a pulse that harms all nearby foes. Prioritize bolstering your defenses to mitigate the damage you sustain, and you’ll be well-prepared for any encounter.

Deadeye Class – Tornado Shot Build

The Deadeye Ascendancy class prioritizes movement speed and agility across the map, adeptly evading attacks while wreaking barrages of arrows that cover the entire screen to eliminate adversaries. To complement this dynamic playstyle, we’ve selected the Tornado Shot build for our Deadeye.

Tornado Shot is a formidable skill that unleashes a projectile capable of splintering upon impact, striking multiple targets beyond its initial hit. With sufficient investment in projectile speed, these Tornado Shots can swiftly clear enemies positioned farther away from your screen, solidifying its status as one of the premier mappings builds in the game.

Top Ranger Builds

The Ranger embodies the essence of pure Dexterity in Path of Exile, relying on Bows as their primary weapon to dispatch enemies from a distance.

Top Path of Exile Shadow Builds

The Shadow epitomizes the fusion of Dexterity and Intelligence PoE hybrid Ascendancy class, adept at wielding agile Dexterity weapons, deploying traps, and laying mines to release devastating spell damage.

Raider Class – Ice Crash Build

The Raider Ascendancy class boasts superior maneuverability compared to the Deadeye, embracing a swift and agile approach to combat. To enhance the speed of your Raider even further, impeding the movement of her adversaries proves invaluable, which is why we’ve selected the Ice Crash build for our Raider.

Ice Crash is a potent skill that releases a wave of frost in your path, inflicting damage while slowing and freezing enemies caught within its radius. By integrating this skill with the Hollow Palm Technique and One With Nothing, you gain mastery over and effortlessly decimate groups of foes.

Assassin Class – Poison Blade Vortex Build

The Assassin Ascendancy class specializes in close-quarters combat, leveraging critical strikes and poison damage to swiftly dispatch foes. In pursuit of maximizing the poison-oriented playstyle, we’ve opted for the Poison Blade Vortex build for our Assassin. This build centers around the Blade Vortex skill.

Blade Vortex summons a tempest of blades that relentlessly strike all nearby enemies. With your emphasis on poison damage, you can efficiently afflict large groups of adversaries, neutralizing them before they can pose a threat.

Saboteur Ascendancy class – Hexblast Miner Build

The Saboteur Ascendancy class specializes in explosives and mines for inflicting damage, requiring strategic placement of these traps to achieve optimal effectiveness against groups of enemies. To fully capitalize on this approach, we’ve selected the Hexblast Miner build for our Saboteur. With a ready source of Hexes, this build excels at swiftly dismantling adversaries.

Hexblast unleashes devastating Chaos damage on the target, further amplified if they were previously Hexed. Moreover, Hexed foes propagate their curses and damage to nearby targets, setting off chain reactions of formidable Chaos damage through your mine onslaught.

Hierophant Class – Shockwave Totem Build

Within Path of Exile, the Hierophant Ascendancy class reigns supreme in the realm of totem mastery build, boasting a plethora of passive options dedicated to their utilization. Harnessing their expertise in totem-centric warfare, our selected Hierophant employs a Shockwave Totem build to unleash the full extent of their abilities.

Shockwave Totem stands as one of the foremost control skills in the game, delivering damage while forcibly pushing back all adversaries with a pulsating outward wave. Beyond granting unparalleled control, this skill undergoes significant damage escalation for endgame endeavors, particularly upon acquiring the Astral Projector.

Top Templar Builds

The Templar embodies the fusion of Intelligence and Strength in the Path of Exile hybrid class, wielding formidable spells from afar while infusing their staves and scepters with magic mystical damage.

Inquisitor Ascendancy class – Storm Brand Build

The Inquisitor Ascendancy class epitomizes pure offense, boasting formidable elemental damage with high critical strike capabilities that circumvent enemy resistances. To fully capitalize on the class’s immense damage potential, employ the Storm Brand build to disseminate its power across multiple adversaries.

Storm Brand implants a mystical brand on the terrain, capable of latching onto foes. Upon activation, the brand incessantly emits bolts of lightning, dealing relentless damage to nearby enemies. By continuously casting Storm Brand while in motion, you ensure swift demise for every adversary within your vicinity.

Necromancer – Poison Summon Raging Spirits Build

The Necromancer Ascendancy class specializes in summoning minions and inflicting damage from a safe distance while your army decimates everything in its path. If you prefer a laid-back summoner playstyle, then look no further than this Poison Summon Raging Spirits build.

This PoE build centers around the Summon Raging Spirits spell, making it an ideal choice for beginners. It can be effectively utilized as early as level eight, allowing you to continuously summon Raging Spirits to assail enemies in all directions. Incorporating poison damage into the build enhances its potency, resulting in a formidable Path of Exile Summoner build capable of carrying you through to the endgame.

Ascendant Class – Explosive Concoction Build

The Ascendant Ascendancy class offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to tailor your PoE build according to your preferences. The Explosive Concoction build serves as a guiding light in releasing the full potential of this class. Embracing the Scion’s affinity for flasks, this build transforms them into explosive weapons, swiftly dispatching enemies with a cacophony of volatile blasts.

Explosive Concoction enables you to hurl containers of volatile fluid that detonate upon impact. By consuming charges from your Ruby, Topaz flasks, and Sapphire, you can further enhance the damage output of this skill, infusing it with various elemental properties.

These builds evolve into formidable forces as you progress and come into their own at the pinnacle of level 100.

Top Witch Builds

The Witch represents the epitome of the pure Intelligence class within Path of Exile, excelling in high-damage spellcasting and relying on energy shields for defense.

Top Scion Build

The Scion class represents a unique hybrid of all three attributes. This distinctive class stands out as the most versatile among the seven, featuring only one Ascendancy class.

Occultist Class – Arakaali’s Fang Build

The Occultist Ascendancy class prioritizes defense, relying on her energy shield to absorb damage instead of her life pool. While this class typically adopts a slower playstyle compared to other Ascendancies, one particular build stands out for its faster playstyle pace: The Arakaali’s Fang build.

Centered around the unique weapon Arakaali’s Fang, this PoE build amplifies poison damage to formidable levels, while Aegis Aurora serves as a defensive mechanism. Its strength makes it an excellent choice for novice players looking to quest into Path of Exile, making it our top recommendation for newcomers.

Before embarking on any of these paths, we recommend acquainting yourself with our beginner’s guide to Path of Exile. Enjoy your journey as you carve through the challenges of Wraeclast.



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