UK to Send 600 Brimstone Missiles 2 to Ukraine

  • The British government is sending its Brimstone 2 missiles to Ukraine.
  • Brimstone missiles are anti-armor weapons, and the original has already been sent to Ukraine.
  • Brimstone 2 has an added feature: the ability for a human to guide the missile to its target.

The UK will be supplying a further 600 Brimstone missiles to Ukraine, in addition to its latest support package, which includes 14 Challenger 2 main battle tanks, the Defence Secretary has said.

Ben Wallace said Nato allies should now be prepared to step up their support to Ukraine to enable it finally to drive out Russian forces from its territory.

“Today I can say we’re also going to send another 600 Brimstone missiles into theatre, which will be incredibly important in helping Ukraine dominate the battlefield,” Mr Wallace said during a visit to Estonia.

Up close with the new Boxer vehicle variant armed with Brimstone missiles
Video: British Brimstone missiles appear to destroy Russian tanks in Ukraine
What military equipment has the UK sent Ukraine?

Britain has supplied a range of weapons and vehicles to Ukraine – including more than 10,000 anti-tank missiles.

What are Brimstone missiles?

Brimstone missiles are a British weapon, developed for the Royal Air Force by arms manufacturer MBDA.

They are precision-guided missiles, meaning that they are programmed to hit a specific target, minimising collateral damage.

Brimstone missiles have been used by British forces in Libya and Syria.

They are typically launched from fast jet aircraft such as a Typhoon, but in Ukraine’s war against Russia they have been launched from the ground.

The missiles, which are incredibly sophisticated and hit 98% of their intended targets, have been in Ukraine since May 2022, fired from modified trucks.

What are Brimstone’s specifications?

At 1.8m in length and weighing 50kg, the Brimstone can be fired from land or air and can target fast-moving vehicles.

According to its manufacturer, MBDA, the Brimstone offers proven capability against both static and moving or maneuvering targets and pinpoint accuracy, minimising collateral damage.

MBDA also says the missile has “human-in-the-loop capability to meet restrictive rules of engagement”, and a standard interface which assists rapid integration to a large number of platforms.


UK to Send 600 Brimstone Missiles to Ukraine

The UK is sending Ukraine a newer, longer-range missile that lets humans guide it all the way to the target

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the UK will send a further 600 Brimstone missiles to Ukraine to help defend the nation against Russia’s invasion.

Britain plans to send 600 Brimstone missiles to Ukraine to support the country in its fight against Russia, Ben Wallace has said.

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