Women’s Car Ball CEO Longawa Resigns Amidst Uncertain Future for the League

Uncertainty Looms Over Women’s Car Ball as CEO Resigns Amid Lack of Communication from League Owner

Rebecca Longawa, the CEO of Women’s Car Ball, has resigned from her position, citing a lack of communication from KC Pioneers (KCP), the league’s owner. Longawa claimed that KCP had not communicated with her since February 1st, despite a partnership that was supposed to have resumed the league.

Women’s Car Ball is a tournament circuit for the popular game Rocket League that is exclusive to women. The league was forced to halt operations mid-season in February 2023 after KCP had not paid any staff or prize pool money. Longawa stated in her resignation that she hadn’t been in contact with KCP in almost three weeks and felt that her “only option is to walk away.”

KCP’s Future Partnership

Just a week before Longawa’s resignation, KCP had announced that it had found an unnamed partner to support the future of Women’s Car Ball and to resume the rest of the season. KCP also stated that staff, teams, and players who had not been paid thus far would start receiving back pay “within the next several weeks.”

However, the organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Esports Insider. In the February 12th announcement, KCP also claimed that teams would be introduced to the new partner “in the days that follow.” Nevertheless, some teams, like Williams Resolve, reported that they had not heard anything from the organizers.

Longawa’s Role and Resignation

Despite her position as CEO, Longawa revealed in her statement that she too had not been compensated for her work in rebuilding the Women’s Car Ball circuit. She was appointed CEO by KCP to head up Season 5, and staff and league sources have praised her for her work in trying to ensure everyone gets paid.

Longawa, who also consults on esports sponsorships and is a strategist for the*gameHERS, stated, “I am heartbroken to announce my resignation as CEO of Women’s Car Ball. It has been one week since an announcement by KCP on a new partner — in which I was not a part of any conversations or negotiations.”

The Future of Women’s Car Ball

With the uncertain future of Women’s Car Ball and KCP’s lack of communication, it is unclear what will happen next. Women’s Car Ball has been a positive space for women in esports, providing a platform for women to showcase their talent and compete at a high level. It would be a great loss for the esports community if the league were to dissolve.

Esports is a rapidly growing industry, and there is an increasing focus on diversity and inclusivity. Women’s Car Ball is a testament to this trend, and it is essential that the league and its players receive the support they need to continue to grow and thrive.

In conclusion, the resignation of Women’s Car Ball CEO Rebecca Longawa underscores the challenges facing the league and its players. The lack of communication from KC Pioneers and the uncertain future of the Women’s Car Ball is a reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in esports. It is crucial that the league and its players receive the support they need to continue to succeed in the competitive world of esports.


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