WoW WoTLK Classic: Wyrmrest Accord Reputation Guide

Looking for the quickest way to raise your WoW WotLK Classic Wyrmrest Accord reputation? Look no further.

Throughout your World of Warcraft journey, you will encounter a variety of factions that can be influenced into viewing you in a more positive light by increasing your reputation. The Wyrmrest Accord features heavily in Classic Wrath of the Lich King and is an alliance of the various Dragon Aspects. They have combined forces to defend Azeroth against a multitude of threats.

This guide will teach you how to increase your reputation with the WoW WotLK Classic Wyrmrest Accord faction, where to find their quartermaster, and what rewards will tempt you into desiring their approval.

How To Increase Wyrmrest Accord Reputation

WotLK Classic Wyrmrest Accord Quartermaster

To begin your WoW WotLK Classic Wyrmrest Accord reputation grind, you must first reach the rank of Friendly with the Wyrmrest Accord. This requires gaining 3,000 reputation points and allows you to access their quartermaster.

To gain this initial rank of Wyrmrest Accord reputation, you must undertake various quests. You should level up to a minimum of 69 to begin the quest chains before taking any quests you find in the Borean Tundra region of Coldarra.

Upon hitting level 71, you can venture to Dragonblight, where you will find a higher number of Wyrmrest Accord quests, centered primarily around Wyrmrest Temple, in the center of the zone.

Once you have hit Friendly, quests become a suboptimal way of achieving reputation, and you should head over to the quartermaster immediately. Buying the Tabard of the Wyrmrest Accord is imperative, as this is the most efficient way of farming reputation in WotLK.


The Wyrmrest Accord Quartermaster is called Cielstrasza, and she can be found at the summit of Wyrmrest Temple, in Dragonblight.

Once equipped, the Tabard will provide reputation gains with the specified faction if you kill an enemy that would otherwise yield reputation. This means that upon reaching the higher level WotLK dungeons, or even Heroics, you should equip this Tabard and start grinding.

All level 80 dungeons and every Heroic version will grant Wyrmrest Accord reputation, and you should find yourself quickly racking up large amounts of reputation. You can do this to Exalted, and the efficiency of this method means you should not worry about gaining any further Wyrmrest Accord reputation past Friendly until you can take part in this high-level content.


The Daily Heroic Dungeon quest will also allow you to choose a reputation token, for a nice bonus with a chosen faction.

The following dungeons will grant WoTLK Classic Wyrmrest Accord reputation on Normal mode:

  • Caverns of Time – The Culling of Stratholme
  • The Oculus
  • Ulduar: Halls of Lightning
  • Utgarde Pinnacle


Playing a Human character will grant you a bonus reputation and can make for a much easier grind!

Available WoTLK Classic Wyrmrest Accord Rewards

Name Item Details Reputation Rank Cost
Tabard of the Wyrmrest Accord
  • Tabard
  • Friendly
  • 80 Silver
Fang of Truth
  • Rare One-Handed Sword
  • 120DPS, 32 Agility, 29 Stamina, 33 Hit Rating, 48 Attack Power
  • Honored
  • 54 Gold, 42 Silver, 72 Copper
Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions
  • Rare Back
  • 140 Armor, 31 Strength, 64 Stamina, 43 Defense, 25 Hit Rating
  • Honored
  • 16 Gold, 38 Silver, 94 Copper
Sash of the Wizened Wyrm
  • Rare Cloth Waist
  • 158 Armor, 51 Intellect, 37 Stamina, 40 Hit Rating
  • Honored
  • 11 Gold, 25 Silver, 9 Copper
Bracers of Accord Courtesy
  • Rare Plate Wrist
  • 916 Armor, 29 Intellect, 28 Stamina, 46 Spell Power, 22 Hit Rating, Yellow Socket, 4 Haste Rating Socket Bonus
  • Honored
  • 19 Gold, 87 Silver, 16 Copper
Arcanum of the Eclipsed Moon
  • Head Enchant
  • 25 Arcane Resist, 30 Stamina
  • Honored
  • 120 Gold
Breastplate of the Solemn Council
  • Rare Plate Chest
  • 2166 Armor, 49 Strength, 117 Stamina, 76 Defense, 56 Expertise
  • Revered
  • 42 Gold, 25 Silver, 71 Copper
Gavel of the Brewing Storm
  • Rare Main Hand Mace
  • 75.22 DPS, 26 Intellect, 49 Stamina, 282 Attack Power in Cat, Bear, Dire Bear and Moonkin forms, 24 Critical Strike, 25 Haste Rating, 355 Spell Power
  • Revered
  • 60 Gold, 58 Silver, 50 Copper
Ancestral Sinew Wristguards
  • Rare Cloth Wrists
  • 127 Armor, 33 Intellect, 31 Stamina, 27 Spirit, 50 Spell Power, Blue Socket, 4 Intellect Socket Bonus
  • Revered
  • 11 Gold, 29 Silver, 46 Copper
Sabatons of Draconic Vigor
  • Rare Plate Feet
  • 1489 Armor, 44 Strength, 85 Stamina, 58 Defense, 29 Hit Rating
  • Revered
  • 29 Gold, 70 Gold, 28 Copper
Arcanum of Blissful Mending
  • Bind on Account Head Enchant
  • 30 Spell Power, 10 Mana per 5
  • Revered
  • 135 Gold
Pattern: Mysterious Bag
  • 440 Tailoring Recipe
  • 32 Slot Enchanting Bag
  • Revered
  • 4 Gold
Reins of the Red Drake
  • Epic 300 Riding Flying Mount
  • Exalted
  • 1,600 Gold
Sandals of Crimson Fury
  • Epic Cloth Feet
  • 206 Armor, 50 Intellect, 49 Stamina, 51 Haste Rating, 77 Spell Power, Blue Socket, 4 Intellect Socket Bonus
  • Exalted
  • 22 Gold, 76 Silver, 10 Copper
Dragonfiend Bracers
  • Epic Leather Wrists
  • 247 Armor, 49 Agility, 38 Stamina, 38 Critical Strike, 100 Attack Power
  • Exalted
  • 19 Gold, 4 Silver
Grips of Fierce Pronouncements
  • Epic Mail Hands
  • 784 Armor, 48 Intellect, 57 Stamina, 33 Mana per 5, 77 Spell Power
  • Exalted
  • 22 Gold, 93 Silver, 27 Copper
Legplates of Bloody Reprisal
  • Epic Plate Legs
  • 1961 Armor, 96 Strength, 117 Stamina, 90 Armor Penetration
  • Exalted
  • 53 Gold, 71 Silver, 29 Copper
Design: Glimmering Monarch Topaz
  • 390 Jewelcrafting Recipe
  • 8 Parry, 8 Defense, Rare Topaz
  • Exalted
  • 3 Gold, 20 Silver


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