EA FC 24 Max 89 Icon Upgrade SBC: Step-by-step guide, most cost-effective solutions, and additional tips

The latest addition to EA FC 24, the Max 89 Icon Upgrade SBC, introduces an opportunity for players to acquire a brand-new Icon card for their Ultimate Team roster. Similar to a prior challenge, this iteration boasts an enhanced pool of rewards. Notably, unlike before, acquiring the available Icon doesn’t necessitate pack openings. Instead, completing the new set within the given timeframe secures the coveted card.

Assessing the potential coin expenditure for this challenge becomes crucial in determining its feasibility. Analyzing the tasks within EA FC 24’s Max 89 Icon Upgrade SBC offers insight into the expenses involved, aiding in decision-making regarding pursuit.

Tasks and Criteria of the EA FC 24 Max 89 Icon Upgrade SBC

The Max 89 Icon Upgrade SBC comprises two tasks, each with its own set of requirements, which most players should find manageable:

Task 1 – 83-Rated Squad

  • Minimum 1 IF player
  • Squad rating: Minimum 83
  • Squad size: 11 players

Task 2 – 86-Rated Squad

  • Squad rating: Minimum 86
  • Squad size: 11 players

Completing the Max 89 Icon Upgrade SBC can cost approximately 160,000 coins if you acquire all necessary items from the FUT market. The primary expense comes from needing a TOTW item for the first task and constructing an 86-rated squad for the second.

To reduce this cost, consider utilizing items already present in your Ultimate Team collection. Leveraging existing resources can significantly lower expenses, freeing up coins for other uses within Ultimate Team.

Grinding various EA FC 24 modes such as Squad Battles and Division Rivals can yield packs containing additional fodder useful for this challenge. Seasonal rewards also provide higher-rated items, contributing to cost reduction when employed in the SBC.

Should You Invest in the EA FC 24 Max 89 Icon Upgrade SBC?

Upon completion, you’ll secure a guaranteed base Icon card for your Ultimate Team, rated 89 or lower. The true worth of this SBC’s reward hinges on chance. However, there’s potential to receive an item far more valuable than the SBC’s completion cost.

Overall, this Icon SBC offers good value, particularly if you possess ample surplus fodder within your Ultimate Team, making it easily attainable.


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