Top Relics in OSRS League for Trailblazer Reloaded

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The arrival of Old School Runescape’s fourth season introduces a fresh array of relics across eight tiers. Should you embark on the Trailblazer Reloaded league with a distinct strategy, your relic preferences may naturally diverge. Indeed, most relics prove quite effective when tailored to specific objectives within this league. Nevertheless, the following are the top-tier relics recommended for OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded, providing an overall edge.

Top-notch Relics for OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded

Let’s delve into the finest relics tailored for the Trailblazer Reloaded league in OSRS. We’ll highlight the standout relics for each tier and provide insights into why they reign supreme in their respective tiers.

Tier 1

  • Endless Harvest
  • Production Prodigy
  • Trickster

The ultimate standout in this tier is Trickster. Its superiority stems from enabling guaranteed success in Thieving, Agility, Hunter, and Firemaking actions. Additionally, it facilitates the automatic repickpocketing of NPCs and doubles loot obtained from Pickpocketing (automatically converted to bank notes). These bonuses render Thieving exceptionally powerful in the league, among other notable advantages.

Tier 2

• Fairy’s Fight
• Globetrotter

Fairy’s Fight significantly accelerates teleportation across your unlocked zones. While both choices offer merit, given the relics we’re considering, Fairy’s Fight emerges as the optimal choice.

Tier 3

• Banker’s Note
• Fire Sale

Sure, Fire Sale seems alluring – who wouldn’t want to become an instant quadrillionbilliontillionaire? Yet, its utility is quite limited here. Gold doesn’t hold significant value in this league, especially considering Trickster’s ability to supply all the gold you require. On the other hand, Banker’s Note proves immensely useful by allowing the conversion of note-able items, a particularly handy feature in a league setup like this.

Tier 4

• Archer’s Embrace
• Brawler’s Resolve
• Superior Sorcerer

While each relic holds its own merit, pairing Archer’s Embrace with specific weapons significantly elevates ranged weapons to dominance across nearly all level zones in this league. Ensure you’re consistently upgrading your weapon to maximize its effectiveness along the journey.

Tier 5

• Bloodthirsty
• Infernal Gathering
• Treasure Seeker

Pairing Bloodthirsty with Archer’s Embrace significantly simplifies the completion of Slayer tasks, boosted by additional buffs from this relic. While the other options hold merit, in conjunction with our chosen relics, Bloodthirsty remains the preferred choice.

Tier 6

• Equilibrium
• Farmer’s Fortune
• Ruinous Powers

Ruinous Powers offers a prayer book featuring access to invaluable abilities. Its utility makes it an indisputable choice in this relic tier, rendering the decision straightforward.

Tier 7

• Berserker
• Soul Stealer
• Weapon Master

This tier poses a challenge as all relics offer enticing benefits. However, personally, I’m inclined toward Soul Stealer. The augmented Max Hit combined with enhanced regeneration enables you to outperform and outlast most adversaries, tipping the scales in your favor during encounters.

Tier 8

• Guardian
• Executioner
• Undying Retribution

This relic is a monumental time-saver, granting the ability to instantly eliminate all targets below 20% health. Given the extensive combat involved in this league, it’s an indispensable relic. Now equipped with knowledge of the top OSRS League relics for Trailblazer Reloaded, choosing these should significantly streamline your journey through all the necessary challenges in this league.



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