Jagex Issues Formal Declaration on Bot Bans within OSRS

For years, Old School RuneScape has captivated gamers worldwide with its rich world, thrilling adventures, and a strong sense of community. Yet, like many popular online games, it grapples with challenges such as bot activity.

Jagex, the creative force behind OSRS, has shed light on their continuous fight against botting and gold farming, especially in light of recent game enhancements.

This discourse emerges at a pivotal moment as players eagerly await the launch of new content, notably the highly anticipated Undead Pirates update.

The Endless Struggle Against Bots

Jagex recognizes the intricate and enduring nature of botting in OSRS. The influx of bots is as swift as their eradication, symbolizing an ongoing race that the developer is dedicated to prevailing in.

Bots pose more than a mere inconvenience; they present a significant challenge, with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of cheaters targeting the game. These cheaters vary from solo players to organized groups, all seeking to exploit the game’s mechanics for undeserved rewards.

Jagex’s response is multifaceted, involving a collaborative effort across various teams including the Anti-Cheating Team (ACT), game technology specialists, data scientists, and legal enforcement. This comprehensive approach underscores Jagex’s commitment to addressing the issue seriously. The team consistently upgrades its anti-cheating capabilities and removal procedures, striving to outpace bot creators, gold sellers, and unauthorized providers of OSRS accounts.

Striking a Balance Between Anti-Bot Measures and Content Updates

A recurring question in the community concerns the logic behind implementing content updates that inadvertently benefit bot and gold farmers. Jagex’s stance is unequivocal: the aim is to enrich the player experience while safeguarding the game’s integrity.

The development team holds a profound dedication to OSRS and endeavors to introduce substantive updates that resonate across the player spectrum, not merely a select few.

Despite the hurdles, Jagex remains steadfast in delivering content updates that cater to diverse player interests, including historically neglected areas such as PvP. The community’s positive reception to these updates reinforces Jagex’s confidence in their approach and underscores their responsibility to continually provide content that aligns with player preferences.

Looking forward, Jagex is actively pursuing broader initiatives to combat botting more effectively. While specifics are pending, the commitment to addressing this issue is palpable. The developer pledges to share further details on these initiatives, demonstrating an enduring commitment to upholding game integrity.

HiScores Dilemma

A topic of debate within the community has been the existence of potentially fraudulent accounts on the HiScores, a matter Jagex approaches with gravity. The difficulty lies in discerning between bot-driven and authentically played accounts, particularly those employed for gold farming or other illicit endeavors, posing a distinct challenge.

Jagex’s dedication to equity extends to the HiScores, with continual endeavors to enhance their mechanisms for eliminating banned accounts. This involves synergy between the anti-cheating and game engine teams to devise a dependable approach, ensuring that the HiScores accurately showcase the accomplishments of legitimate players exclusively.

Ban Statistics

The magnitude of Jagex’s endeavors is highlighted by the staggering number of bans implemented to safeguard the game’s ecosystem. In the past year alone, over 6.9 million accounts have been banned, with a weekly average of 67,000 accounts removed from OSRS in 2024.

Significantly, a notable portion of these bans is directed at accounts engaged in botting activities related to popular boss content, resulting in approximately 2,800 such bans issued each week.

These actions not only disrupt the botting community but also uphold the game’s economy by eliminating over 900 billion OSRS GP from circulation weekly. This underscores the profound impact of these measures in combating inflation and preserving economic equilibrium.

Enhancing Player Support and Ban Appeals

Acknowledging the significance of communication and openness, Jagex is actively striving to enhance the ban appeal process. While the current system functions adequately, there’s a recognized need for refinement to ensure the clarity and fairness sought by the community.

Through careful review and improvement of ban appeal procedures, Jagex endeavors to provide a more transparent and just process, enabling players to comprehend and contest bans with greater efficacy. This undertaking underscores Jagex’s dedication to bolstering the OSRS community, ensuring players feel acknowledged and respected.

Transparency and Addressing False Bans

Jagex’s account banning procedures are stringent and designed to minimize errors while holding individuals engaging in prohibited activities responsible. Despite the effectiveness of their detection systems, Jagex acknowledges the potential for false bans and the apprehension they elicit within the community.

Though only a minute fraction of bans are reversed upon review, the company has implemented supplementary verification measures to further diminish the occurrence of such errors. This augmentation of the review process emphasizes Jagex’s commitment to fairness and precision in its anti-cheating endeavors.

Looking Ahead: Commitments for the Future

As Jagex perseveres through the complexities of upholding a fair and engaging gaming atmosphere, its persistent initiatives and strategies underscore dedication to innovation, community involvement, and the continual enhancement of its anti-cheating protocols.

Through fostering dialogue with the player community and embracing feedback, Jagex endeavors to expand upon its achievements in combatting bots and cheating. This commitment ensures that OSRS endures not only as a game renowned for its immersive history and dynamic world but also for its integrity and the equity of its competitive environment.


The fight against bots in Old School RuneScape persists as an ongoing challenge, demanding relentless effort and innovation from Jagex. The developer’s steadfast commitment to upholding game integrity, coupled with their ambition to provide substantial content updates, exemplifies their dedication to the OSRS community.

As Jagex refines its strategies and implements new measures against botting, anticipation mounts for updates such as the Undead Pirates. While the road ahead may pose obstacles, the determination of both the OSRS team and its community remains steadfast, ensuring a future where the game flourishes, unencumbered by the presence of bots and gold farmers.

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