The Future of Sailing and Addition of New Areas Revealed in the Old School RuneScape Roadmap

This past weekend, Jagex hosted the Winter Summit 2024 for Old School RuneScape, a gathering that continues to gain popularity among enthusiasts of this iconic game. The summit showcased updates, revisited classic quests like “While Guthix Sleeps,” and announced new content set to shape the OSRS experience.

Revamped Classic Quests and PvP Updates

Next to the Summit, updates include refreshed classic quests, with “While Guthix Sleeps” making a noteworthy return. These remakes feature new quest steps and rewards, blending innovation with nostalgia. The Wilderness also sees an update aimed at luring lower-level players into the PvP area, particularly focusing on chaos temples where druids and undead pirates clash for rewards.

Varlamore Expansion and Quest Line in 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, the spotlight is on the new Varlamore area and quest line. The first part is scheduled to launch in March, offering players fresh opportunities to explore the world and access the perilous Fortis Colosseum—an underground area filled with danger.

Sailing Skill Development and Testing Phases

Jagex’s ambitious plan includes the development of the Sailing skill, featuring three phases. The roadmap outlines an alpha and two open betas, inviting players to participate in testing throughout 2024. This skill promises new icons and islands, with testing dates soon to be announced.

Exciting Updates and Events on the Horizon

Despite the summit canceling several events, it announced the return of Deadman modes in summer, featuring advanced breaches and sigils. Additionally, a game launcher will officially support the download of DVD-only models like RAV and GP4+ on March 7th. Poll questions gauge player interest in planned updates, promising an eventful first half of the OSRS year.

In summary, devoted fans have much to anticipate, with detailed insights available in the roadmap outline and accompanying documents.


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