EA FC 24 Mixed Campaign Player Pick SBC Guide

The EA FC 24 now features the enticing Mixed Campaign Player Pick SBC, presenting an excellent chance for players to secure a guaranteed promo item for their Ultimate Team lineup. This latest SBC forms part of the Black Friday celebrations and offers items from previous Ultimate Team promos.

To conquer this challenge, your main task is to fulfill specific requirements. Start by calculating the coins necessary to acquire the needed fodder. This crucial step will guide your decision on whether to pursue the challenge. Analyzing the tasks within the Mixed Campaign Player Pick SBC in EA FC 24 will give you a clear insight into the associated costs.

Complete List of Tasks for EA FC 24’s Mixed Campaign Player Pick SBC

Attempting the Mixed Campaign Player Pick SBC is straightforward, involving just one task. The clear and simple terms and conditions make it an ideal choice, especially for those who joined Ultimate Team later in the season.

Objective – Mixed Campaign Player Pick SBC

• Squad Requirement: 85 Rated, 11 Players
Obtaining all the necessary players from the market will incur a cost of approximately 60,000 coins. Yet, utilizing existing items in your Ultimate Team collection can significantly reduce this expense, simultaneously enhancing the value of any acquired rewards.

This challenge remains accessible for the next five days (as of November 25), allowing you to gather additional fodder by engaging in various EA FC 24 modes such as Squad Battles and Division Rivals. This strategic approach helps conserve your coins for future opportunities within Ultimate Team.

Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a special pack comprising three distinct cards. These cards originate from one of the following four promos: Centurions, Triple Threat, RTTK, or Trailblazers. All the items granted will possess a rating of 84 or higher. Notably, the pool excludes Heroes and Icons, and you’ll retain only one item from the three drawn, with the remainder being automatically discarded.


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EA FC 24 Mixed Campaign Player Pick SBC Guide

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