GTA 6 Hacker Who Leaked Rockstar Games Gameplay Found Guilty

Lapsus$: UK Court ruling confirms that a group of teenagers engaged in a hacking spree. They are responsible for leaking over 90-plus gameplay video games.

In the court proceedings, a UK jury has delivered a guilty verdict for the 18-year-old responsible for leaking GTA 6 gameplay and orchestrating a significant hack. Arion Kurtaj, the teenage GTA 6 leaker, faced allegations of hacking and extortion involving prominent companies, including Uber, Nvidia, BT, and Rockstar Games. Following an epic seven-week legal showdown, the jury resoundingly pinned the responsibility for these misdeeds on Kurtaj, leaving no room for doubt.

Teenage Hacker’s Bold Exploits and Legal Troubles

BBC Uncovers Oxford Teen’s GTA 6 Leak and Hotel Room Hacking Spree

In a recent and astonishing revelation, the BBC stumbled upon a truly remarkable story involving a young resident of Oxford. This audacious teenager managed to infiltrate Rockstar Games’ fortress of security, triggering the now-infamous GTA 6 leaks that set the gaming world ablaze. What makes this case even more astonishing is that the young hacker conducted these activities while on bail for previous hacking charges in 2022.

According to the court, Arion Kurtaj and a 17-year-old accomplice successfully pilfered nearly £100,000 from five customers of the British telecommunications giant EE.
The subsequent apprehension of both individuals brought to the forefront the audacious nature of their cyber exploits.

Hotel Room Hacking Spree and Kurtaj’s Daring Escapades

As we delve deeper into the GTA 6 hack saga, a captivating revelation unfolds: the dynamic young duo responsible for the leaks didn’t stop at Rockstar Games. Their unwavering determination of the teenager GTA 6 Hacker blazed a trail as they tirelessly pursued their hacking endeavor, deftly breaching Nvidia’s digital fortress with extraordinary expertise and unyielding triumph. Yet, their shadowy escapades couldn’t elude the long arm of the law for long. Ultimately, the teenagers’ hacking spree with over 90 plus gameplay didn’t slip under the radar of law enforcement, resulting in their eventual arrest.

While on bail, GTA 6 hacker Arion Kurtaj’s identity was compromised, necessitating stricter bail conditions. right in the heat of the moment, he orchestrated the audacious Rockstar Games assault, showcasing the sheer boldness of his deeds

Following the breadcrumbs of their investigation, the police arrived at Kurtaj’s hotel room, uncovering the breach of his bail conditions lurking within. The Rockstar Games hack, a significant part of this narrative, was executed using recently acquired tools, including a phone, keyboard, mouse, and an Amazon Fire Stick.

Kurtaj’s Multifaceted Legal Charges

GTA 6 hacker, 18-year-old Arion Kurtaj faced a total of 12 counts of charges, encompassing a wide range of offenses. The breakdown of these charges includes three counts of blackmail, two fraud charges, and an additional six counts under the Computer Misuse Act in the UK.

During the trial, it was revealed that Kurtaj sent messages to every Rockstar Games employee through their internal Slack communications system. In these messages, he claimed, “I am not a Rockstar employee; I am an attacker. If Rockstar does not contact me on Telegram within 24 hours, I will commence releasing the source code.” Subsequently, the teenager proceeded to share 90 videos of GTA 6 gameplay under the online alias “TeaPotUberHacker.”

As for the legal dance, both hackers are slated to take center stage for their sentencing performance in the not-so-distant future. However, no specific date for the teenage hacker’s sentencing has been provided at this time.

US Government’s Recent Data Security Recommendations

Response to the Teenage Hacker Duo’s Exploits

Faced with the teenage duo’s digital capers, in response to the teenage duo’s digital exploits, the U.S. government has taken swift action by introducing a set of advanced directives aimed at enhancing corporate data security to an entirely new level.

GTA 6 Hacker Evades Trial

But hold onto your hats, there was no grand courtroom showdown for the hacker. According to reports from the BBC, the teenage hacker, who is diagnosed as autistic and deemed unfit to stand trial by psychiatrists, did not make an appearance in court to provide evidence. So, here’s the courtroom twist: the jury’s mission wasn’t to gauge criminal intent but to decipher whether the accused indeed carried out the alleged deeds, all thanks to these one-of-a-kind circumstances.

A String of Cybercrimes Beyond GTA

Revealing the Extent of the Teen Hacker’s Activities

Apart from the high-profile Rockstar Games hack, the teenage hacker was implicated in a series of cybercrimes that transcended the virtual realm. Focusing on his bold actions, he turned his attention to Revolut and skillfully accessed the personal data of roughly 5,000 unsuspecting customers in a daring move. Meanwhile, Uber wasn’t spared the chaos, tallying up their losses to a jaw-dropping $3 million courtesy of his digital rampage.

Prosecutors asserted that Kurtaj’s hack of Rockstar Games occurred merely days after he had infiltrated Uber and Revolut—just a mere two days, to be precise. Allegedly, he sent a threatening message to all of Rockstar Games’ developers via Slack, expressing his intention to leak the GTA VI source code.

Following the worldwide media frenzy surrounding the GTA 6 hack, the teenager was apprehended a few days later. When Rockstar Games chimed in on social media, their reply lit up the virtual world like a supernova, rocketing to the top as the most adored gaming tweet in history.

It’s worth noting that a $4 million ransom was demanded by the pair of hackers. Additionally, the younger accomplice, who also had autism, breached the City of London Police’s cloud storage just weeks after being arrested for the previous hack.

The duo made yet another attempt at blackmail, this time targeting Nvidia after their successful hack of the GPU manufacturer in February 2022.

As for the 17-year-old accomplice, who is also autistic, he was convicted for his involvement in the activities of the Lapsus$ gang but cannot be named due to his age.

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Source: BBC News


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