Is “Total War” Hinting at a Premiere for Medieval III?

Rumor Mill: Is Total War Hinting at Medieval III?

Despite the success of the Total War: Warhammer trilogy, which revitalized a franchise once discarded by Games Workshop, attention now shifts to Creative Assembly, with many wondering which historical period their next game will explore. Speculation has run rampant for years: Will it be Total War: Medieval III? Empire II? Shogun 3? Rome III? Perhaps the Renaissance or even a more modern era? Recent clues from an enthusiast formerly affiliated with the British studio suggest a tantalizing possibility.

Meet Björn Rüther, a German aficionado of medieval martial arts who gained prominence through his YouTube channel. Through meticulously researched videos, Rüther reconstructs historical combat techniques using authentic sources. His work seamlessly blends passion with scholarly rigor, earning him accolades within the historical gaming community. But what role does Total War: Medieval III play in this narrative?

At the beginning of the year, Rüther hinted on his YouTube channel that he had collaborated with Creative Assembly on motion capture for an undisclosed game. While bound by confidentiality, the footage he shared speaks volumes. While some eagle-eyed viewers speculate based on the presence of Roman swords and legionary shields, it’s important to note that these are merely placeholders used during motion capture sessions. The final appearance of weapons and characters is refined later in development.

With horsemen, spearmen, swords, and shields prominently featured in the motion capture process, and with Rüther’s expertise in medieval martial arts playing a key role, speculation mounts that Total War: Medieval III may finally be on the horizon. While conjecture abounds, this time there’s tangible evidence to support the theory. Could we be treated to the long-awaited unveiling of Total War: Medieval III with a trailer later this year? Hope springs eternal for fans eagerly awaiting confirmation.


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