European Union Assets Register for 2024

The European Union assets register could start in 2024. Supposedly an action against money laundering and terrorist financing. In fact, it paves the way for the total surveillance state – with far-reaching consequences.

On March 28, ECON (Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee) and LIBE (Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs) of the European Parliament announced new measures against in a press release money laundering and terrorist financing. The consequences are unforeseeable. This sets the course for a total surveillance state.

Imagine the following: you inherit a house from your grandmother and pay inheritance tax to the tax office. You then find out that the oil central heating in the house you inherited was renewed more than 30 years ago, but it still works without any problems, even though heating oil prices have risen.

A Look into the Future

Now the green Herr Habeck comes along with a new law and obliges you to scrap the oil heating system immediately and install a heat pump. To do this, you have to convert the house to 100 percent zero emissions. It costs you so much money that you can’t even pay for it. You can’t sell the house either, because nobody with all their senses will buy it from you in this unrenovated condition. So you go to the mayor and complain. It’s no use. Even your member of parliament does not answer your calls and emails. You talk to your neighbors and colleagues and tell them about it in your favorite pub.

The result: you get a summons to the police. You will be told that you are a “state delegitimize” and your employer will be notified. The police officer clicks on your asset register and immediately learns how much money you have where, what your income is, what real estate you own, how much cryptocurrency you have, whether you own stocks or securities, and what loans you have to pay off. Now, if you say it’s none of his business, the officer will tell you that he can, just like any other police officer, prosecutor, judge, government official, and even any pro-government journalist.

You must also ensure that your personal register of assets is always up to date. Otherwise, you face high fines in the five to seven-digit range. They are surprised and announce that they will oppose this law. The police officer, unperturbed, makes two clicks of the mouse and explains that he has just frozen all of your assets, your checking and family member’s accounts, and blocked your credit cards and you can no longer access them.

For the time being, he will refrain from confiscating the cash you are carrying and from conducting a house search, as long as you behave submissively and do not take part in demonstrations critical of the government. Otherwise, your home and assets would be irrevocably confiscated by a court for money laundering and you could face additional enforcement arrest.

Money Laundering Act and European Union Assets Register

You think it’s all dystopian and surreal? Then read the European Union’s press release on the proposed Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law. Everything is in there.

There you will also read that all EU countries have to implement this and that a new authority is being created to compare the European Union assets registers across countries and to punish incorrect information in the register. This anti-money laundering authority (AMLA, ” Anti-Money-Laundering Authority” ) will probably be based in Frankfurt from 2024. The city is currently applying to be the location of the sniffer agency.

Each member state should set up a central office for investigating financial transactions (Financial Intelligence Unit, or FIU for short).

In order to detect alleged money laundering and freeze assets in a timely manner, national FIUs and other competent authorities should be able to access information on beneficial ownership, bank accounts, land register entries, or real estate registers. As certain goods are attractive to criminals, Member States should also collect information on the ownership of goods such as yachts, planes, and cars worth over €200,000.

In order to fulfill its tasks, the authority can require companies and individuals to hand over documents and information and even carry out house searches with the approval of a judge.

Journalists Should Have Access to the European Union Assets Register

With this law, the EU gives every authority, university, and even journalist loyal to the government, access to the personal asset registers of all EU citizens. The transparent citizen will become reality if the EU has its way. In contrast, George Orwell’s utopia “1984” was just a futile attempt. The governments and authorities have received a weapon from the EU with the so-called money laundering law together with the European Union assets register, which means the end of all personal freedom.

What to expect

Now, in a constitutional state, such a law to prevent money laundering would not be a serious problem for citizens if it weren’t for the European Union assets register. And the fine print. The fact that future cash payments will be limited to 7,000 euros or 1,000 euros in cryptocurrencies could still be accepted because it serves “a good purpose”, namely to make terrorist financing more difficult. However, since terrorist financing is not handled through European financial institutions but through Islamic halal banking, this law will not achieve anything for the actual purpose.

But the problem is that the rule of law, with a few exceptions, only works rudimentarily in most EU countries. The ideologically charged red-green state, which subordinates all government action to the dogmas of climate religion, establishes Islam as the state religion and treats political opponents as enemies of the state, cannot be trusted.

It will then only be a few months before the scenario described at the beginning becomes a daily reality and journalists are allowed to look at their opponents’ asset registers and start indiscriminate money laundering reports against “right-wing” citizens. Exposed resistance fighters were already able to experience these painful experiences during the Corona period. Arbitrary arrests and months of pre-trial detention against doctors who issued vaccination certificates were the order of the day. Even the frontman of the Querdenker, Michael Ballweg, was imprisoned for nine months without a trial. You already know: because of money laundering, among other things. Other critics had to leave their homeland and go into political exile.

What to do?

This coming disaster must be stopped. Write to your MP or MP or call them. Organize resistance at the local level. Let your neighbors, friends, and work colleagues know what the EU apparatchiks are up to. The subject is too important to be simmered down. A start has been made. Now it just needs to gain momentum.

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