Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is Coming to PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster has a release date for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, announced with a trailer.

Finally, Square Enix has announced the release date of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, the series of re-editions of the historic chapters of the series, also in the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, with arrival scheduled for April 19, 2023, on these consoles.

As demonstrated by the new presentation trailer released on the occasion of the announcement of the release date, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is made up of remastered editions of the classic chapters of the historic Square Enix series, with some improvements applied but These are remakes of the first 6 aimed at not change their appearance a lot.

Preserving the Charm of Timeless Classics while Adding a Modern Twist

Ah, the challenge at hand is to present a modern rendition of these timeless classics while preserving their quintessential allure. The plan is to revamp them in a fresh, innovative light without losing sight of their inherent charm. The aim is to breathe new life into these works of art while respecting the essence of their timeless appeal. The key is to balance preserving originality with presenting a contemporary context. Let’s give these classics the upgrade they deserve while keeping their unique charisma intact!

Revamped Classics: Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Upgrades and Customizations

The first six chapters of Final Fantasy have been remade with updated graphics to enhance resolution and provide a better viewing experience on modern displays. Additionally, the soundtracks composed by Nobuo Uematsu have been rearranged. The updates include interface improvements, auto-battle functionality, and additional features.

Gamers can choose between the new or classic soundtrack, turn on auto-combat or random encounters, and access additional features to customize their gaming experience. We’ve even added accessibility features to make things easier for beginners. It’s time to dominate the game like a boss!

The release date for all six chapters is set for April 19, 2023. You can purchase all six chapters individually or as a bundle. Take your time exploring each chapter at your own pace or go all-in for the ultimate gaming adventure. Get ready to make your move – the countdown to April 19th starts now!


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