A Definitive Edition for Dying Light on Nintendo Switch

Launched by the end of the year 2021 on Nintendo Switch, the port of Dying Light “Platinum” edition, was so (great) a surprise. Speaking of, Zniko discussed the release very well here (or in his podcast).

Dying Light was Launched on Nintendo Switch

Even though the version released on the Platinum edition was quite perfectly extensive, the developers at Techland have declared publicly their aspiration to start the ball rolling for a “Definitive” Platinum edition of the Dying Light game. The release will consist of all the patches that have been released, as well as the 26 more DLC’s (including skins, weapons, and various updates).

The release of this definitive edition is scheduled for June 9 on all supports… except for the Nintendo Switch version which is announced at a later date! Techland specifies that owners of the Platinum Edition will be able to benefit from a free update to the definitive edition; however, nothing is clearly indicated for owners of the Nintendo Switch version…

Dying Light Platinum Edition will be available for both the digital versions of the game and all the US stores. If you want to save money you can visit all the partner of Nintendo Switch stores that offers discounted vouchers or eShop cards.

Be ready to hone your battle skills to combat against all kinds of monsters, both living humans and zombies.

Enjoy the apocalypse in the Dying Light Platinum edition!



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