Actor Chris Evans of “Lightyear” Calls Critics of Disney Pixar’s “Idiots” Over Gay Kissing Scene

Chris Evans, the actor who plays the lead character in Disney’s new animated “Lightyear” Pixar film, has responded to critics who criticize the movie kissing scene among the same female characters endorsing LGBTQ.

“The reality is that these people are idiots,” Chris Evans explained in an interview along with Reuters Television. “There will always be people who are scared and ignorant who try to hold on to what it used to be. But those people are dying like dinosaurs. I think the goal is to not pay attention to them, to move forward and embrace the growth that makes us all Human.”

In the Pixar movie, Chris Evans voices the character “Buzz” in Lightyear, whose story influences a model character with the same name in “Toy Story” franchise.

“Whenever there’s been social development in the awakening, the American history, the human history is is compelled to consistent social learning, progress, and that’s what makes us admirable,” Chris Evans added.

Pixar’s Short Movie “OUT” Features The First Gay Leading Actor

The remarks come because of some detractors of the movie who’ve reasoned that the ruling to include the LGBTQ activity and some of the married gay couple kissing scenes in the animated Pixar film plotted for children was planned.

The stage kissing scene happened between Buzz’s close friend Hawthorne, one of the female lead characters voiced by Uzo Aduba, and an extra girl persona whom she married.

The “Lightyear” Walt Disney Pixar animated movie will be released in selected theaters worldwide on Thursday, however, it will not be aired in countries like the UAE, and Malaysia, as a consequence of the on-screen homosexuality kiss.

Lightyear Chris Evans Disney Pixar
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Chris Evans, American actor during the World Premiere of Walt Disney & Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’ at El Capitan Theater on June 8, 2022 in Hollywood, California.


Lightyear Disney Pixar
Disney Pixar


Movie palaces in the UAE, a group of seven sheikhdoms on the Arabian Peninsula, had already publicized the showtimes for the Pixar film. However, on the weekend, a social media promotion with the Arabic hashtag “Ban the Showing of Lightyear in the Emirates,” captured the interest of conservative Emiratis. They reported the scene-setting of the same-sex couple on-screen as a violation of their culture and religion.



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