Best-in-Slot PvP Gear for WoW Burning Crusade

With these methods, you’ll be ready to take on all comers in PvP.

PvP Gear in The Burning Crusade is a part of the game in which you will invest a lot of time and WoW TBC gold in. We have a few methods in which you can get the best possible PvP gear, which is often found in aspects of the game that we would normally traverse anyway.

Getting PvP Gear with Dungeons

Getting your PvP gear up to speed in dungeons is going to be very effective. Whilst it might not actually be that obvious on the surface, there is in fact a very good reason for this. Specifically, we are going to be looking at Heroic dungeons in particular. Why? Because in these situations you have the opportunity to get a Badge of Justice.

The Badge of Justice is one of many TBC items that you can collect to benefit you. It is a type of currency similar to TBC gold, though it is more for a more linear use. Every boss that you kill in a Heroic dungeon will drop one of these badges for you. Once you have this currency, you can then take it to Shattrath’s Lower City. In this location, you can use the badges to get WoW TBC items that will greatly work to your advantage where PvP is concerned.

Using Your Professions

This method is limited to particular classes, but they are still very worthy of a mention when you are looking into how effective they can be. If you were to choose the option of weaponsmith, then the likes of Rogues, Shamans and Warriors could create the best-in-slot weaponry for their character. If casting is more your approach, then using a profession to get better starter trinkets can help.

Gaining Reputation

If you want to have the best enchants, which is important if you want to get the best PvP gear, then building up your reputation is the way to do it. We have a number of methods in which we can gain rep from a particular faction. You can try doing quests for these factions, running dungeons in that particular zone, or simply by killing mobs.

There are a lot of different factions in The Burning Crusade. As you are going about your business, grinding through TBC power leveling and increasing your riches, there will be factions along the way that you are going to be gaining rep with to benefit your particular cause. Factions like Honor Hold will bag you more power and healing prowess. Or, getting a revered rep with Sha’Tar will help casters thanks to the Glyph of Power.


Prior to the release of the arena, raids are something that many should look to for finding certain PvP gear. The exact gear that you need to have the best possible gear will depend on the class you choose. Although this doesn’t exactly seem helpful on the surface, the general idea is for you to find the upgrades for either your honor high warlord/grand marshal gear as a priority. Should it be worth your time with it being higher than the honor version, you’re going to gain a massive advantage.

The three areas of focus should be Karazhan, Magtheridon’s Lair, and Gruul’s Lair. Though oddly specific, we need to do these on every possible reset that comes about. The reason for this is simply down to how weak raid gear can be. Not in all areas, but the likes of stamina are often considered to be lower with your raid gear. With that in mind, going into the arena is going to be a potential struggle. To overcome such obstacles, check out those three locations to prepare you accordingly.

The Honor Grind

For a method that doesn’t need you to have gear prepared, honor grinding is where most of your PvP gear in TBC is actually going to come from. Once you have reached the point of the game where you are at level 70, you will be able to get your hands on what’s known as either the blue high warlord or blue grand marshal set. You can purchase the entire gear set in TBC without hopefully having to buy WoW TBC gold to accommodate it.

Gaining honor points requires you to take part in world PvP tasks and events, as well as battlegrounds. You will have to find both honor points and marks, before going to Stormwind or Orgrimmar to finally get the gear that we have discussed.

If you would prefer to skip such efforts, then you could always choose to buy WoW TBC accounts. Doing so can be risky, so be vigilant in checking for scammers and such before you make any kind of purchase.

What gear do you use in WoW TBC PvP? Let us know in the comments below!



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