World of Warcraft Dragonflight Zones Guide: What Locations Exist in the Dragon Isles?

Just like in every other WoW expansion, we get a bunch of new places to travel to in Dragonflight. Some expansions brought us entire new worlds (Burning Crusade, Draenor, Shadowlands), some unveiled new continents of Azeroth (Wrath of the Lich King, Mists of Pandaria), some gave us a little bit of everything (Cataclysm).

World of Warcraft Dragonflight will join the group of expansions that gave us islands (Legion, Battle for Azeroth). That doesn’t mean that there won’t be much to explore. Quite on the contrary: these islands are way bigger than they seem and they hold lots of interesting stories and encounters for players to enjoy. Let’s take a closer look at the zones that we’ll find on our way to resolve the mighty ancient dragons’ problems and see what’s good about them.

Forbidden Reach – Home to Dracthyrs

Prepare to encounter a new race in Dragonflight known as Dracthyrs: humanoid dragonkins limited to the evoker class. With this fresh addition, boredom during leveling becomes a distant concern, as their unique skill set promises to keep you engaged. Your journey as a Dracthyr commences at level 58 within the distinctive zone of Forbidden Reach, situated in the northern expanse of the Dragon Isles archipelago.

Forbidden Reach, a compact and predominantly mountainous terrain, has long remained abandoned. Once a training ground for the black dragonflight, its grim history unfolds gradually through quests on the island. As a Dracthyr, your slumber in stasis is abruptly interrupted upon arrival—a rude awakening, to say the least!

While the zone primarily serves as a tutorial for novice Dracthyr/Evoker players, it offers ample opportunities for experimentation. Glide effortlessly across its numerous cliffs, observe epic dragon encounters unfold (with minimal participation required), and delve into introductory lore and class mechanics. Equipped with a set of modest leveling gear and newfound knowledge, you’re swiftly escorted to your faction’s capital—by now, you’ve likely pledged allegiance to either the Alliance or Horde.

Waking Shores – Starting Point for Adventure

The true essence of WoW Dragonflight awaits in the Waking Shores, a high-level zone designed for seasoned adventurers embarking on their Dragon Isles odyssey. Here, two formidable dragon races, the red and the black, hold dominion. Led by the venerable Alexstrasza, the red dragons seek assistance in quelling local elemental giants, while the enigmatic Wrathion endeavors to restore order and reclaim the Obsidian Citadel, the stronghold of the black dragonflight.

Aesthetically reminiscent of Cataclysm’s Mount Hyjal with an expanded Firelands influence, the zone offers ample opportunities for exhilarating dragon riding and exploration. Witness the debut of ducks in the game, encounter trolls, gorlocs from Northrend’s Sholozar Basin, and djaradin, the formidable elemental giants.

Two dungeons await within the Waking Shores: Ruby Life Pools and Neltharus—the latter being the coveted Obsidian Citadel, accessible only at maximum level. Factional presence primarily revolves around the Alliance’s Explorer’s League and the Horde’s Reliquary, united under the banner of the Dragonscale Expedition, dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of dragonkind. Throughout your journey in the Waking Shores, expect to engage closely with these factions as you delve deeper into the dragon’s domain.

Ohn’Ahran Plains – Where Centaurs Roam, and Dragons Soar

Despite its name, Ohn’Ahran Plains offers more than just expansive fields; groves, hills, and cliffs dot the landscape as well. The plains are predominantly inhabited by centaurs, with the Maruuk clan extending a friendly welcome to players, providing opportunities to gain renown. Engage in various centaur-related activities, from safeguarding caravans on their nomadic journeys to participating in thrilling group hunts, promising entertainment for all types of players.

Comparable to the Valley of the Four Winds, Ohn’Ahran Plains boasts a diverse range of experiences. However, it’s not solely the domain of horse-like beings; being part of the Dragon Isles, it also serves as home to the Green dragonflight. Encounter these dragons amidst mysterious groves and ancient shrines, uncovering insights into life on the Isles and the dragons’ return to their ancestral lands.

In the midst of the centaur clans’ civil war, players find themselves embroiled in the Nokhud Offensive, a pivotal battle where their involvement could tip the scales in favor of one faction. Delve into the conflict, but be prepared to uncover the full extent of the story firsthand as you journey through this dynamic zone.

Azure Span – Where Walrus-Folk Relax

Azure Span stands as a vast expanse, earning recognition as one of the largest zones crafted by developers to date. Yet, amidst its grandeur, the true measure of its appeal lies in its contents. A sprawling landscape becomes a delight when filled with engaging activities and captivating narratives, rendering its immense size a boon rather than a burden. Fortunately, Azure Span leans towards the former end of the spectrum.

For aficionados of Northrend, Azure Span offers a nostalgic journey reminiscent of Grizzly Hills intertwined with Borean Tundra, magnified by the scale of Dragonblight. Familiar creatures from the icy reaches, such as the tuskarr, grace its landscapes, offering opportunities to delve into their culture while partaking in activities like fishing alongside these mighty walrus folk. Embrace the exotic flavors of local cuisine, embark on thrilling rides atop colossal otters, and revel in a myriad of other enjoyable pursuits, all with the Iskaara Tuskarr faction as steadfast allies in these frigid lands.

However, the tuskarr are not the sole inhabitants of Azure Span. The blue dragonflight holds a prominent presence, offering insight into their enigmatic clan. Furbolgs and gnolls also roam these lands, each with their own tales to tell and adventures to embark upon. Among the dungeons of the Span, Brackenhide Hollow awaits, a gnoll-infested settlement ripe for correction, alongside the Azure Vault, home to foes less adorned in fur and crafted by the notorious Malygos himself.

Thaldraszus – Domain of the Dragon Aspects and Titan Majesty

A place of serene grandeur awaits in Thaldraszus, adorned with numerous awe-inspiring wonders. While not “man-made,” these marvels bear the mark of dragons and titans, offering a profound education in both races as you embark on quests. Here, the greatest threats looming over the Dragon Isles begin to manifest, promising exhilarating adventures and epic encounters.

Thaldraszus serves as the sacred abode of the dragon aspects, where revered members of various WoW dragonflights, including renowned figures, await your interaction. It boasts the largest settlement of the expansion, Valdrakken, and hosts the inaugural raid, the Vault of the Incarnates, alongside two new dungeons: Algeth’ar Academy and Halls of Infusion. Expect to linger in this zone extensively, at least until the arrival of the first significant content update.

Valdrakken – Hearthstone Haven

While not a distinct zone, Valdrakken merits its own spotlight as the newest capital in the game. Unlike the relatively lifeless Oribos, Valdrakken thrives as a bustling and lively metropolis. Its highlights include the exquisite library and the revered seat of the aspects, alongside numerous breathtaking vistas adorning its highest districts.

Within its bustling streets, intriguing storylines unfold. Among them is the pressing question of who should ascend as the new leader of the black dragonflight, a matter hotly contested by Wrathion and his rivals. Your role in resolving this conflict will shape the future of the dragon realms, promising a wealth of captivating narratives to explore in the beating heart of dragonkind.

That’s a wrap! Let’s summarize the zones featured in the Dragonflight expansion: 4 expansive leveling zones, 1 dedicated starter zone for dracthyrs, and 1 brand-new capital city. Each zone promises ample space and diverse activities, with its own unique aesthetic appeal. Exciting, right?

If you’re looking to speed up the leveling process for your alt through these sprawling landscapes, we’ve got you covered! While great stories are enjoyable, repeating them can lose their charm. Our professional players can swiftly guide your character to the maximum level. Explore our power leveling boost in the catalog for more details! For any inquiries about Dragonflight zones or our services, feel free to reach out directly—we’re here to assist you every step of the way!


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