Path of Exile: How to Obtain and Utilize Forbidden Tomes

In Path of Exile, a huge amount of loot awaits, yet none is as crucial as the Forbidden Tome when confronting the Forbidden Sanctum. The 3.22 update transformed the Forbidden Sanctum into an integral mechanic within the game, rendering anything associated with it indispensable. Among these essentials is the Forbidden Tome. We’ll delve into every aspect of the Forbidden Tome, from its discovery to its utilization. Embrace the depths of this game, which serves as a compelling free-to-play alternative to Diablo 4.

Path of Exile Forbidden Tome: Details and Location

Version 3.22 introduced numerous enhancements and fresh content to the renowned action RPG, Path of Exile. A significant highlight within PoE was the alterations made to the Forbidden Sanctum. Now integrated into the core game, these adjustments include elevating the max Area Level to 83, encountering Rare Monsters within the rooms, and encountering increased hazards. These are just a glimpse of the extensive changes. Additionally, thanks to the 3.22 update, Forbidden Tomes have been newly introduced to Path of Exile.

A Forbidden Tome is categorized as a Sanctum Research item. Here’s an excerpt from the game regarding the Forbidden Tome:

“Our world has fallen. Demons are everywhere. I throw this book in the shrine, so that maybe someone else will find a way …”


The brown tome shares a striking resemblance to The Mortinomicon Exitio Immortals. Interestingly, should you come across this tome, it can serve as a substitute for a PoE Forbidden Tome.

Now that we’ve identified it, how do we obtain the Forbidden Tome? Well, it’s a drop item that becomes available starting at Level 68. To have a chance at acquiring it, you must undertake the following actions:

  • Open the Forbidden Sanctum
  • Engage in combat with adversaries

In Act 10, at the Oriath Docks, you’ll encounter Divinia. She will facilitate your journey towards obtaining the PoE Forbidden Tome by granting you access to the Sanctum. Once unlocked, adversaries will begin dropping Forbidden Tomes for you to collect.

How to Use the Functions of a Forbidden Tome

The primary function of a PoE Forbidden Tome is to grant access to specific rooms. By placing a Forbidden Tome into the Relic Altar, you unlock an entire floor of the Sanctum, comprising eight rooms. Each additional Forbidden Tome you acquire will reveal the following aspects of your run:

  • Afflictions
  • Boons
  • Relics
  • Resolve

Moreover, PoE Forbidden Tomes can be traded. If you require assistance in obtaining them or have a surplus to spare, consider meeting with friends to engage in trading.



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