Argentinian World of Warcraft Players Declare Game ‘Dead’ Following January Price Hikes

Argentinian World of Warcraft enthusiasts are expressing deep concern over Blizzard’s recent decision to adjust subscription fees and pricing, triggering widespread discontent among fans worldwide who feel unfairly targeted due to tax-related discrepancies.

On January 23, Blizzard announced significant changes affecting Argentinian players, including a rise in subscription fees when billed in Pesos and a shift to US dollars for purchases. The latter change is particularly impactful, as it subjects Argentinian players to over $60 in taxes when purchasing subscription time with credit cards. Such expenses are exacerbated by volatile currency exchange rates, placing an undue financial burden on players already grappling with rapidly rising costs. To put this into perspective, the cost surge amounts to a staggering 2,967%, while the minimum wage remains at $188.87 or approximately US$1411.87.

This development has understandably infuriated numerous World of Warcraft players in Argentina, with one individual presenting a graph and thorough explanation, while others lament the dire consequences and another grimly declares, “WoW in Argentina is dead.” The alteration in pricing could trigger various repercussions, including the potential surge in botting activities as players resort to Real Money Trading (RMT) or purchasing to obtain gold for WoW tokens as an alternative. Additionally, there’s the looming possibility that the cost of a WoW subscription may continue to surge, especially if Argentina’s financial crisis deepens.


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Activision-Blizzard has garnered controversy in the gaming industry due to numerous scandals, including the Blitzchung boycott and mass layoffs amid labor disputes, highlighting issues like pay disparities, sexual harassment, and discrimination lawsuits. These controversies have led to federal settlement agreements, revealing executive misconduct and financial mismanagement, including instances of software hacking, fraud manipulation, and misallocation of funds. Microsoft eventually acquired the company in 2023, signaling a significant shift in its ownership and management.



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