Last Epoch List for Class Tier: Ranking All Masteries

Creating a Last Epoch Class tier list presents challenges in accurately depicting the power levels of classes. The rankings often exhibit a wide spectrum, as Masteries within the same class can vary significantly in their effectiveness for tackling high-corruption Monolith maps.

For instance, while the Paladin Mastery of the Sentinel class stands out as one of the top choices for initiating cycles, the Forged Guard Mastery within the same class has largely been overlooked in this regard.

To address the issue of ambiguity, this Last Epoch Class tier list will offer a more comprehensive ranking of the classes, followed by tier rankings for all 15 individual Masteries. Please note: every Last Epoch class and Mastery is viable to some extent in end-game content. Ultimately, your preferred playstyle will determine the best Last Epoch Mastery for you.

Last Epoch Class Tier List Patch 1.0.5: Ranking Primary Classes

In our class tier list, we’ll categorize the five Last Epoch classes into three tiers: S, A, and B. However, as mentioned previously, you should also consider the Mastery tier breakdown below to determine your choice for this Cycle.

  • S tier: Acolyte
  • A tier: Sentinel, Mage, Rogue
  • B tier: Primalist

Last Epoch Mastery Tier List: Ranking all Subclasses (Patch 1.0.5)

You have the option to select from the following masteries:

  • Mage: Runemaster, Spellblade, Sorcerer
  • Primalist: Shaman, Beastmaster, Druid
  • Acolyte: Lich, Necromancer, Warlock
  • Rogue: Bladedancer, Marksman, Falconer
  • Sentinel: Forge Guard, Void Knight, Paladin


In the S-tier, masteries are distinguished by their unparalleled strength across various gameplay facets including Monoliths, speed farming, leveling, and arenas. They excel against bosses and exhibit remarkable adaptability in the endgame.

The following masteries are categorized in the S-tier:

• Necromancer
• Lich
• Runemaster
• Falconer
• Warlock


A-tier masteries offer a diverse range of viable builds, contributing to high versatility across various compositions. While they may occasionally rival S-tier masteries in specific gameplay aspects, they lack the ‘broken’ status attributed to the highest tier. Included in the A-tier are masteries such as Sorcerer, Bladedancer, Paladin, Marksman, and Druid.


In the B-tier, masteries feature builds that often lag behind in performance compared to other options. While some builds can still be competitive, there are generally superior choices available. The B-tier includes Void Knight, Spellblade, and Beastmaster.


Finally, in the C-tier, masteries have fallen out of favor within the meta due to their underwhelming results relative to the effort required to make them viable. While it’s still possible to make these work with favorable crafting and unique item synergies, extraordinary outcomes should not be expected. Shaman and Forge Guard are among the masteries categorized in this tier.

Final Words

This tier list offers valuable insights into the current state of masteries in Last Epoch as of April 2024. It’s evident that certain masteries, such as Sorcerer and Bladedancer, demonstrate exceptional versatility and viability across various compositions, earning them a well-deserved place in the A-tier. Meanwhile, masteries like Shaman and Forge Guard have regrettably fallen behind due to underwhelming performance and lack of synergy with the meta.

As players strive to optimize their gameplay experience, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each mastery is crucial. Whether you’re aiming for competitive play or simply seeking enjoyable builds, this tier list serves as a valuable resource to guide your choices.

Now armed with this knowledge, it’s time to take action. Experiment with different masteries, explore unique synergies and contribute to the evolving meta of Last Epoch. Remember, the beauty of the game lies in its diversity, and by embracing this diversity, we can collectively enrich our gaming experience.

So, forge ahead, adventurers, and may your journey through Last Epoch be filled with thrilling discoveries and triumphant victories!


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