Pokémon: TCG Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces Booster Unboxing

The latest installment from the Pokémon TCG, Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces, marks the third main series set in the Paldea-themed era. This release unveils a fresh lineup of Paradox Pokémon, initially discovered in DLCs.

Among them are the ancient predecessors of Johto’s Legendary Beasts (Walking Wake, Gouging Fire, Raging Bolt) and the futuristic descendants of Unova’s Legendary Swords of Justice (Iron Leaves, Iron Bolder, Iron Crown). Returning ACE SPEC cards boast distinctive textured foil and hues in this set. Drawing inspiration from Japan’s Cyber Judge and Wild Force sets, Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces brings a wealth of content.

The Secret Rare segment showcases Full Arts, Illustration Rares, Special Illustration Rares, and Gold Hyper Rares. Generously provided by The Pokémon Company International, we’ve got our hands on new Temporal Forces products for a comprehensive review, including the Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces booster box, Elite Trainer Box, and Build & Battle box. Today, we’re diving into the Booster Box opening.

Exploring the Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces Booster Box

Unveiling 36 packs, the Booster Box emerges as the ultimate gateway to experiencing a new Pokémon TCG set. With this abundance of packs, you’re practically assured of some impressive finds, along with the opportunity to significantly chip away at the set’s checklist, spanning commons, uncommon, and coveted holo-rares. Now, let’s delve into our haul.

Here’s what I found in my pulls:

  • Pokémon ex: 5
  • Tera Pokémon ex: 1
  • ACE SPEC: 2
  • Full Art Pokémon: 2
  • Full Art Trainer: 0
  • Illustration Rare: 3
  • Special Illustration Rare: 0
  • Hyper Rare Gold: 0

This set has gained a reputation among collectors for its challenging pull rates. While I didn’t snag any of the most sought-after cards of the moment (Special Illustration Rares), I did manage to secure two Full Arts and three Illustration Rares. That’s a total of five Secret Rares, which is nothing to scoff at.

Temporal Forces offers an enjoyable opening experience. Beyond the thrill of what’s inside each pack, the Pokémon featured in this set breathe new life into beloved classics, adding an exhilarating twist. Among my pulls, the excitement peaked with The Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, igniting my enthusiasm to delve deeper into this set.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the revamped foil for ACE SPEC cards.

The cross-hatching pattern adds a pleasing touch, while the vibrant magenta hue makes these cards truly stand out. Scarlet & Violet – Temporal Forces inject a dynamic variety into the hobby, elevating the experience for collectors and enthusiasts alike.




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