Pokémon TCG Value Report: Scarlet & Violet – April 2024 Edition

In April 2024, our Pokémon TCG Value Watch series focuses on the Generation One-themed cards from the special set Scarlet & Violet – 151.

The Pokémon TCG market is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed a resurgence in interest in the hobby, fueled by various factors such as the 25th Anniversary celebrations, the release of impressive Sword & Shield-era sets featuring captivating Alternate Arts, the influence of content creators, the popularity of box breaks, and the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown prompting individuals to seek out new hobbies. This surge in demand led to previously abundant sets and cards becoming scarce commodities almost overnight.

As the initial fervor begins to subside, it’s essential to assess the current state of modern sets. Hence, I’ll be providing monthly updates through the Pokémon TCG Value Watch series. It’s crucial to note that this series isn’t financial advice but rather serves as a resource to assist collectors, like myself, in understanding the availability trends of specific cards. This way, Pokémon TCG enthusiasts can make informed decisions about when to add sought-after cards to their collections.

Scarlet & Violet – 151: Top Valued Cards and Market Trends

Today, we’ll delve into the status of the cards from Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet – 151, which debuted in September 2023, to see how they fare in April 2024.

Below are the top-valued cards from Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet – 151, along with their current market values observed on TCGPlayer:

  • Charizard ex-Special Illustration Rare 199/165: $110.04
  • Blastoise ex-Special Illustration Rare 200/165: $45.97
  • Venusaur ex-Special Illustration Rare 198/165: $40.22
  • Charizard ex Full Art 183/165: $36.45
  • Zapdos ex-Special Illustration Rare 202/165: $32.40
  • Alakazam ex-Special Illustration Rare 201/165: $28.08
  • Charmander Illustration Rare 168/165: $26.94
  • Squirtle Illustration Rare 170/165: $24.60
  • Blastoise ex Full Art 184/165: $22.17
  • Bulbasaur Illustration Rare 166/165: $21.62
  • Charmeleon Illustration Rare 169/165: $20.71
  • Erika’s Invitation Special Illustration Rare Trainer Supporter 203/165: $20.62
  • Pikachu Illustration Rare 173/165: $20.52
  • Mew ex Full Art 193/165: $19.57

For the most part, the values of cards from this set have remained steady this month. The most significant change is a $6 drop in value for Zapdos ex-Special Illustration Rare. Despite this, the set continues to hold its worth, with thirteen cards valued at over $20. If you’re considering opening packs, this set remains a promising option. Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for comprehensive coverage of Pokémon TCG, including past, present, and future updates, including upcoming set reveals.




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