Top EA FC 24 Premier League Squad for Under 100K Coins in Ultimate Team (January 2024)

Constructing an optimal EA FC 24 Premier League team under 100K coins in January presents certain limitations. Despite recent promotional releases offering various items from the popular league, market valuations have largely remained stable. Additionally, the introduction of playstyles has added a new dimension to building a meta squad this year.

Nevertheless, newcomers initiating their Ultimate Team journey in January can discover promising choices. The highlighted best EA FC 24 Premier League team under 100K coins guarantees the ability to play with a meta squad, incorporating only currently accessible options.

Optimal Player Selection for Crafting the EA FC 24 Premier League’s Finest Team Under 100K Coins

  • Goalkeeper: Aaron Ramsdale 84 – 1,800 coins
  • Left Back: Andrew Robertson 86 – 7,700 coins
  • Right Back: Kyle Walker – 10,000 coins
  • Center Back: William Saliba 83 – 2,300 coins
  • Center Back: Raphael Varane 85 – 5,200 coins
  • Central Midfielder: Enzo Fernandez 83 – 1,100 coins
  • Central Midfielder: Sandro Tonali 86 – 8,000 coins
  • Central Midfielder: Connor Gallagher 85 (Triple Threat) – 14,000 coins
  • Central Forward: Cody Gakpo Versus Fire version – 17,000 coins
  • Central Forward: Son Heung-min – 13,000 coins
  • Striker: Robbie Keane Base Hero – 20,000 coins

In this optimal EA FC 24 Premier League lineup under 100K coins, the combined cost of our midfield, defense, and goalkeeper is approximately 50,000 coins. The prioritization of attack stems from the crucial significance of goal-scoring in this configuration.

There’s a little workaround – you can’t include Son in your initial starting lineup without compromising chemistry. Instead, begin with any center forward (CF) and substitute him for Son. Son excels as a left-sided center forward and proves to be deadly in front of the goal. His Finesse Shot+ attribute allows for frequent long-distance scoring.

Keep in mind that market prices are subject to variation, and you may need to adjust your lineup to assemble this team. For instance, the base version of Keane and Gallagher’s Triple Threat cards has recently seen an increase in value, though this might change soon. All the appraisals taken into account in this context are derived from the console market.

Optimal Formation for Building the EA FC 24 Premier League’s Finest Team Under 100K Coins

Various formations are at your disposal, and the current patch promotes experimentation. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve opted for the tried-and-true 4-3-2-1, a formation that consistently excels in the meta.

Featuring a standard four-defender backline, the three central midfielders provide robust support. Upfront, you have the flexibility of deploying three strikers. Emphasizing a strong build-up through the middle, the 4-3-2-1 stands out as an excellent starting formation for those keen on an attacking style of play.


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