The Netflix series “Wednesday” was so successful at the end of 2022 that a second season with Jenna Ortega was announced. This now spoke about the shooting of the sequel and announced some changes. It’s supposed to be less romantic and scarier.

It’s no surprise that Jenna Ortega wasn’t scary enough on “Wednesday” season one. After all, the star has appeared twice in the ‘Scream’ series and the slasher film ‘X’ and the horror comedy ‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen.’ For the upcoming second season “Wednesday” the scary factor should be increased.

Jenna Ortega recently spoke on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show about filming the second season of “Wednesday”. The script is currently in the process of being created and the decision has already been made in the writer’s room to include more horror in the second season. This seems to sit well with Ortega, the star previously opened up about her not being a pro-romance in Season 1.

So she was against the love triangle of Wednesday, Tyler, and Xavier. Now that Tyler is the villain, you can turn your attention to other things. How exactly this new horror will look remains to be seen, but there will be monsters, murders, and creepy relatives from Wednesday again in the second season. While the script for Season 2 hasn’t been written yet, the show’s creators revealed that the sequel would see more of Wednesday’s family.

In particular, the relationship between her and her mother Morticia should be further developed. No start date for season 2 has been announced yet. There is a high probability that the sequel will be released in late 2024.

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