In September 2021, “Squid Game” was released as a South Korean Netflix original that took the world by storm. Thanks to incredible hype on social media, the series became the highest-grossing Netflix production of all time. A second season is already being planned. Lead actor Lee Jung-Jae has now announced when the new episodes will finally continue.

The Anticipated Release of Squid Game Season 2

In “Squid Game”, heavily indebted father Seong Gi-hun accepts a shady offer. All he has to do is take part in a child’s game and he has a chance of winning 45.6 billion won. Together with 455 other people, he faces the game, but soon the participants have to realize that the losers will pay with their lives.

Although players are given the opportunity to fold after the first game, most of them choose to continue. Because only players who urgently need money for various reasons were invited.

At the end of the first season, it became clear that Gi-hun does not want to rest after his success, but rather seeks revenge. In the second season, the former participant will probably try to get to those responsible for the games.

Such a series is already being planned. Actor Lee Jung-Jae recently announced that filming for Season 2 is set to begin this summer and will last approximately ten months. The start of the sequel in 2023 is therefore excluded. When exactly we can expect the new episodes remains to be seen? If Netflix decides to release the “Squid Game” Season 2 in September as well, September 2024 should be a good time. Until then, we will certainly get many more details about the plot and some teasers or trailers.

Meanwhile, you can watch the first teaser down below. 🙂

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