In November 23, 2022, “Wednesday Season 2” was released, one of the most successful Netflix series of all time. Thanks to social media hype, the series was able to attract an audience of millions and win countless fans. So it’s not surprising that a second season has already been announced. But how long do we have to wait and what will the sequel be about?

“Wednesday” Season 1 Recap

In “Wednesday,” the titular daughter of the Addams Family transfers to Nevermore Academy after being expelled from school again. Nevermore boarding school is home to only magical students and numerous misfits who were just as out of place in other schools as Wednesday was.

Monster Returns in Wednesday Season 2

But Wednesday, who is very skeptical about the whole thing at the beginning, cannot settle in peace because a monster seems to be after her and her new friends. Even though the monster was defeated in the first season and it was finally revealed who was behind the attacks, showrunners Miles Millar and Al Gough were already talking about a second season.

More Focus on Family and Friendships

So the monster will return. In addition, Wednesday’s family should be more in the spotlight. There were some flashbacks to Morticia and Gomez’s youth in the Netflix series, but the relationship between Wednesday and her mother in particular should be deepened in season 2. Of course, the friendship between Wednesday and her opposite roommate Enid remains an important topic.

Release Date and Production Plans

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when exactly the second season of “Wednesday” awaits us. However, with production set to begin soon, the sequel is expected to be released on Netflix in 2024. With a little luck already in the first half of the year.

Perhaps the makers decide to wait until the thematically appropriate seasons of autumn or winter hit the tube. So a surprise in 2023 is still not out of the question if Netflix wants to forge the iron while it’s hot!


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